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Example sentences for grandson

My grandson's favorite ice cream is a cherry thing with chocolate swirls.
Half a century later his grandson, also a hat seller, set down his wares under the same tree for a nap.
Yeah, my two granddaughters and grandson's favorite subject in school is mathematics.
My children have never asked to buy sweets in a supermarket, my grandson asks for cauliflower.
Her seven-year-old grandson, she says, had picked out an escape route.
One boat over, someone mentions maybe going to his grandson's baseball game later.
In the midst of the campaign she stopped for a photography session with her grandson on the day he was born.
If his grandson hadn't been holding him up, he'd have pitched straight forward onto his face.
After lunch, my father made a quick stop in the gift shop to buy something for his grandson-to-be.
He was the patriarch's first grandson and chosen heir.
Three generations later, a lawsuit by his free-spending great-grandson is shaking the foundations of that mighty family fortune.
She had expert nannies in charge, not to mention her own parents, who were eager to keep their grandson company.
And then there was the grandson who captured a nation's imagination.
My grandson knew it was a scam and called the number back.
The grandson graduates from college, gets a job, and is no longer financially dependent on his grandfather for support.
The idea evolved out of watching her grandson's reaction to the absence of his father.

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