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Clearly defined constitutional "musts" were done away with then replaced by grandiose guidelines that were vague and misty.
But if we are guilty of a kind of grandiose innocence, what we should not fall into in reaction is a kind of arch cynicism.
Dressler offers a true-to-life portrait of workaday astronomy, from grandiose goals to the human faces of its practitioners.
Given the grandiose intent of the discussion, that was surely disappointing.
Authors of self-help books often make grandiose promises that invite a skeptical look.
However, these grandiose dreams soon gave way to more practical concerns.
When you do big, grandiose things you have more of a feeling that you're getting somewhere.
Too grandiose a thought for a recipe, maybe, but heartfelt.
The meeting place is contemporary and, by the grandiose norm of this country, intimate.
It had burned through $830 million after making grandiose predictions of success.
Gilded and coffered ceiling, marble columns in grandiose lobby.
Not sure about grandiose claims but some useful stuff.
Xu has done wonderful things, but there is nothing grandiose about him.
It was a grandiose sensation, even a mild form of lunacy.
If it sounded a little grandiose, my heart was in the right place.
In space travel, as in politics, domestic policy should usually trump grandiose foreign adventures.
But for all his grandiose pretensions, he is a buffoon-and a particularly nasty one.
But the government is still too fond of its grandiose projects and too slow to get unglamorous things right.
It is grandiose, always insisting that it is the best, or number one.
It is tempting to discount such a grandiose claim as typical venture-capital puffery.
Admittedly, although the project lacked a sound execution plan, the vision was grandiose.
Witnesses to such a grandiose relic should worry less about falling asleep and more about slipping into a coma.
He was prone to outlandish behavior and frequently made grandiose statements about himself.

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