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The grain is slightly raised, adding a warmth and texture to the phone.
After it is released from a flower's anther, a pollen grain walks a humidity tightrope.
Let's take these self-reported characteristics with a grain of salt.
So demand for grain will probably remain high for a while.
We rely currently on annual grain crops to fuel our civilization.
And grain consumption was the first step toward grains' domestication-and, eventually, cupcakes.
Corn, in grain form for bread or for porridge, was there.
From grain silos to abandoned hospitals, this gallery of short, stylish videos takes you on some surprising urban adventures.
All bats must conform to slope of grain wood requirements.
It needs to be taken with a grain of salt and it should not be taken out of context in a manner of speaking.
Softened by moisture, the pollen grain releases proteins that chemically discern whether the new plant is genetically compatible.
Yet this was a rare event in a society where individual decency ran against the grain of the settlers' culture.
Many have grain seeds in them and thus would not be the best choice to use as mulch.
The product never spoiled and was worth more at market than the grain or fruit itself.
But such a non-unilinear view of history runs against the grain of modernity.
At the moment, it mostly buys grain and doles it out in areas where there is little or no food.
Misguided policies favor biofuels over grain for hungry people.
German whole grain bread and other good-tasting items.
Use this rice the same way you would the cooked grain.
And the grain may be too long if it is a video or too un-edited to be useful.
The country's hilly and mountainous landscape is particularly suited for farming the grain.
Large stores of grain needed cats to guard them from rodents.
We water grain crops to grow grain to feed meat animals.
Beer purists would argue that there is only one method, and that is from grain.
Whatever you may have learned in grad school about life as a faculty member, take it with a grain of salt.
Officials worry that grain supplies are low and food shortages could come soon.
If not with grain then with insects processed into a choice delicacy.
It helped the economy, too, by freeing up more grain for export.
Meanwhile, high grain prices are persuading people to clear forests to plant more maize.
While a lot mythologies have a grain of truth, the fact is it's impossible to discern the grain in the sandbox.
Also, humans tend to be less excited about mixed grain.
One puzzle is why the government has not quashed food prices by releasing more grain from its overflowing stockpiles.
It also runs against the grain of a nation based on meritocracy and opportunity.
Even worse, as the area's anxious farmers will tell you, is the seemingly limitless fall in the price of grain and beef.
Successful pecks were rewarded with pellets of grain.
Forget that this grain alcohol has always been something of an economic and environmental joke.
Your sneeze could also be due to a reaction to a pollen grain.
Scientists have manufactured the world's smallest atomic clock, with inner machinery about the size of a grain of rice.
But it turns out there may be a grain of truth behind a few of these so-called myths.
In fact without water, the grain needed to make bread or any other food item would never even get harvested.
There is a direct correlation between degenerative diseases and the commencement of grain farming.
Therefore, entrance exams, placement exams and other standardized test results should be taken with a grain of salt.
The town center contains an open hall with eight silos, partially used to collect grain taxes from farmers.
If there is even a grain of truth to it, however, that may explain the immediate offer.
The combination of poor harvests and low grain prices drove thousands of farmers off the land.
The wood is soft, with a rather coarse, straight grain.
Take this with a grain of salt, as the opinion of one who is job-seeking rather than hiring.
Higher livestock prices can, in turn, be explained by higher grain costs.
During a good year, the couple may harvest a surplus of grain and sell it.
They staged protests across the country and halted grain sales.
Glover's research shows that perennial grains are more environmentally friendly than annual grain crops.
If you wanted people to reproduce against the grain of the popular culture, you would try to scare them first.
But you can take everything above with a grain of salt.
Grain represents the trading currency for water in the same way that oil is a trading currency for energy.
There is only a correlation, and lacking real controls, can only be taken with a grain of salt.
We shot the movie on film and added a lot of grain back into it.
They're not afraid to go against the grain with some issues, as this article shows.
As always, rumors from an unnamed source should be taken with a grain of salt.
It also illustrates the importance of fine grain segmentation.
Still, consumers could be forgiven for taking these projects with a grain of salt.
If the basic costs of grain and corn more expensive, beef would be prohibitively expensive and less would be consumed.
Higher grain costs, for example, feed through into cattle prices.
The bees are also going, whose going to fertilise every flower to get a grain of wheat or whatever.
Consider the comparison between a loaf of good whole grain bread, and cheap white bread.
Even the mean responses often have a grain of truth to them.
The grain was rich and deep-the real thing, not veneer.
Though you add millions, and never so surprising, the fact of mechanics has not gained a grain's weight.
For it is less labour and business to carry grain far by land, than wood.
Scientists are excited, but critics express concern about attempts to modify the genetic makeup of this popular grain.
Although the magnitude of these dunes and the depth of the water is certainly striking, what surprised me more was the grain size.
It's carved of wood, and the exterior has a vertical grain that simulates yellowed or lightly gilded pages.
Bred for short stalks, plants expend less energy on growing inedible column sections and more on growing valuable grain.
No significant investment has been made over the years in rural roads or grain-storage facilities.
Needless to say, this idiotic myth contained not even a grain of truth.
We went to the local grain-and-feed store and bought an incubator.
Now the more grain a peasant produces, the less profit he makes.
Shock absorbers the size of grain silos would cushion the cabin and crew, smoothing out the cataclysmic bumpiness of the ride.
Numerous extreme weather events are boosting grain prices and causing shortages in many nations.
They detected a significant acceleration of ageing that reduced the grain-filling period.
It has no internal grain boundaries, and hence it looks transparent.
These places could become the grain basket for the world.
There have been untold deaths from grain silo explosions over the past hundreds or perhaps thousands of years.
It may not be a large amount but, each grain of rice adds a little to the rice bowl.
The corn kernels will then be further dried in a special drying bin before being stored for shipment to the grain buyers.
The industrialization of food transformed how grain and meat were cultivated, and ultimately consumed.
Yes, the label organic is a bit over the top, but there is a grain of truth to the drugs in milk.
Much of the corn is still available as distillers grain, which is a high protein food supplement with many uses.
However, it is short grain rice, so had poor market acceptance.
If beef growers had to pay the true market price for feed grain, then growing beef would hardly be profitable.
Maybe in this space a grain of gravity theory is hidden.
But the advice for mega-doses must be taken with a grain of caveat.
In the last few years, the whole-grain pasta offerings on supermarket shelves have expanded with gusto.
In different places he would copy the grain pattern in paint or trace it in pencil.
About the size of a fat grain of rice, the sensors are called atomic magnetometers.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
Versatile crossover shoe with seamless waterproof full grain leather upper that extends its social spectrum for active travelers.
Using only stone tools, the flute maker would have had to split a section of curved ivory along its natural grain.
Paddle wheels used to grind grain are an early example.
They used it to grind grain to make bread, which was the main part of their diet.
They weren't much bigger than a grain of rice, and everyone on the block wired them by hand.
But globally the challenge is grain and meat, not tomatoes.
The biggest factor is growing demand for the grain to produce ethanol.
The slow rumble of the millstones as they grind the grain into flour.
It's the germ and bran of the whole grain you're after.
It contains all the nutrients a grain product has to offer.
And civilization has grain stores and refuse piles, two things that draw rodents.
The quote may be spurious, but it contains a grain of truth.
Global grain prices, and the knock-on effects of high feed costs, have also done their bit to put farmers in the red.
He survived because the oil-price surge also forced up the price of grain.
More people are better nourished thanks to a bit more grain, a lot more meat, and much more milk.
Grain is often heaped on the ground and covered with a sheet: no wonder the rats get at it.
However, total wealth in the national economy declined since even as grain production rose its value went down.
He has moseyed through enough fairs to know how to sign a goat-on its left side, so as not to write against the grain of its coat.
But the imminent spring harvest should lower rice prices, kept high by farmers hoarding rather than selling their grain.
The snag is that tackling malnutrition is harder than sending bags of grain.
Russians pushing east moved ever farther from secure supplies of grain.
We both acknowledge that biofuel crops are diverting arable land from food production and that grain reserves are alarmingly low.
Except for the eventual consumers who can't help but buy grain or oil and have to pay the higher prices.
Higher interest rates cannot call forth more pigs or grain.
Those varieties won out because of their good yield, disease resistance, and high-quality grain.
Whole grain everything seems to be doctor's orders these days.
For example, they could be put in a feedlot for the last four months of their lives and fed grain.
It is paid to landowners based on historical production of grain, cotton and soybeans.
He is not afraid to go against the grain and never feels the pressure to conform.
But all great cons have a grain of truth in them somewhere.
Grain farmers normally do not purchase grain, they only sell it.

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