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Example sentences for grafting

Grafting skin to cover burn wounds is also important for preventing infections, which can be a source of complications.
Other notable experiments had to do with cell lineage, physiological morphology, and insect grafting.
Osborn shows off his entire operation, from grafting to bottling.
It would make grafting veins as easy as soldering wire.
Grafting of freshly obtained material from another animal is also possible,-the case of teeth, for example.
The cloning of trees by grafting a cutting onto a living root is hardly modern science.
Bone grafting may be performed using the patient's own bone, usually taken from the hip.
Workshops cover topics such as grafting mangoes, identifying pests and natural predators for mangoes and mango pruning.
The grafting of mechanical organs, prosthetic devices inserted in the body, will probably take longer.
Treatment for large or stubborn wounds may entail skin grafting.
The purpose of grafting this wealth of visual material on to the text is not entirely clear.
The procedure was simple and far less invasive than grafting blood vessels to replace the diseased coronary arteries.
She's also used hamsters as donors, grafting part of the hamster immune system into mice.
Grafting, a common technique used to fuse parts of two plants.
Q-It is my understanding that tree roses are the result of grafting.

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We will eat a last year's pippin of mine own grafting, with a dish of caraways, and so forth.... more
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