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Using one's public position for financial gain seems to be the very definition of graft.
Worries have also grown that graft is scaring away foreign businesses.
Murder and explosions interweave with car races and graft.
By boycotting parliament, it closed most of the winter session, until it won the inquiry into graft that it had demanded.
Now a Tufts biology professor is grafting the branches to tree roots .
India activist wins anti-graft bill demands, ends hunger strike.
When you loose kidney function and are put on haemodialysis, your graft gets punctured 3 times per week with 2 needles.
Pray God the plants thou graft'st may never grow.
It was so strange, he says, it could be explained only by judicial graft.
To train orchards—to graft the trees—to gather apples in the fall.
To train orchards-to graft the trees-to gather apples in the fall.
The procedure involves insertion of a cloth-covered graft, pictured below.
Sometimes surgery can fix the problem, but if it can't, the graft might fail.
By eliminating the graft, the extra money may help reduce defections.
The obvious next step in the development of the study of language is to graft the study of syntax onto the study of speech acts.
Widespread graft and corruption, apparently, from the revelations we've seen in the past couple of years.
Economists argue that such small-scale graft does great damage.
The alternative narrative-of nationalism used as a cynical distraction from lawlessness and graft-is buried.
The opposition argues that the inevitable result of this is graft on an increased scale.
Some protest that the scale of graft has been exaggerated.
Bone graft material may be placed between the vertebrae.
If a large area is biopsied, a skin graft or flap of normal skin may be used to replace the skin that was removed.
To compare the one-year procedure-related severe adverse event rates of the stent graft patients to open surgery patients.

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