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The spark appears to have been the arrest of more than a dozen teenagers last week for painting anti-regime graffiti on a wall.
Spray-paint graffiti on a wall and you can be caned.
The original slogan was painted on a wall near a dormitory that had been set aside for students' graffiti.
The same line is echoed in graffiti on the wall behind him.
Gang graffiti is one of the best indications of gang territory and which gangs are at war with one another.
Alternative free weekly, covering local-interest articles from graffiti artists to urban decay to city ordinances.
Several types of bar-code readers make instant sense of these high-tech graffiti.
Insurgents also used graffiti to get their point across.
After a long and scurrilous underground career, graffiti has surfaced on the chaste white walls of galleries and museums.
Others see it as the equivalent of graffiti on the human form.
Leather upper in a casual sneaker with contrast overlays, all over graffiti tag detail and side rhino logo.
The team also found less litter and graffiti in natural landscapes.
By the end of seven weeks, the team had captured everything, even ancient graffiti.
The thing everybody worried about, though, was graffiti.
Stainless steel all the way, with a graffiti-repelling coating.
He has completed half of the six months' worth of roadside cleanup, graffiti removal and other manual labor.
They tore down the sign to her law office, which is in the same building, and marked the building with graffiti.
There was no graffiti anywhere, only handmade signs.
The group has a non-violence policy which includes graffiti.
Rents are cheap, graffiti is everywhere and the air crackles with a creativity that comes only from a city in transition.
The bathrooms are strangely graffiti-free, and contain no hint of the in-house commentary a visitor might wish to see.
New technology allows graffiti artists to ditch spray paint for laser projections.
Graffiti slashed across a marble headstone serves as a final insult from a gloating enemy.
Early in the game, you find graffiti scribbled all over that only can be read when you illuminate those specific walls.
Be sure to include the physical location and description of the graffiti.
Graffiti is a public nuisance and destructive of the rights and values of the property owners as well as the entire community.
Graffiti is illegal and a growing concern in almost every community in the country.
Graffiti is a blight that impacts residents and visitors to our community.
Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares, attracting other forms of crime and street delinquency to a neighborhood.
The best method for removal is determined by the amount of graffiti, its location, and the vandalized surface.
But the plain fact is that painting graffiti on public or private property is against the law.
Removing graffiti and repairing the damage it causes costs community tax dollars.
Conduct weekly inspections to help prevent graffiti on your property and in your community.
By painting over graffiti as soon as possible, you will discourage further graffiti.
Graffiti tarnishes the appearance of our neighborhoods.
Gang-related graffiti can threaten violence or identify turf boundaries.
Removing graffiti as soon as it appears is the key to its elimination--and recurrence.

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