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These kinds expand slowly and gradually from the center, so they're much easier to control than their running relations.
Change came slowly, as governments and shippers gradually realized their existing approach wasn't working.
Add oil slowly to egg yolks, then pour on gradually vinegar and water.
Mix ingredients, heat gradually to the boiling-point, and cook slowly one and one-half hours.
Heat gradually to boiling-point and cook slowly ten minutes.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
In ways both subtle and not so subtle, the movement is gradually undermining academic freedom.
Gradually the details of each human chromosome have been emerging.
They will then allow the specimen's temperature to rise gradually over the next few days.
Since then, however, the view has gradually shifted.
The bladder is then implanted into a patient, where the scaffold gradually dissolves.
Foliage turns yellow in fall, gradually fades to beige.
Normally, the brain orients itself gradually as you move.
The updates will be introduced gradually and the availability will appear as a notification on phones over the next week.
As daylight gradually crept in through the windows, the backyard of our farmhouse exploded with voices.
After months of indiscriminate fear, widespread losses and government hand-holding, the banking industry is gradually stabilising.
Sampson starts things off not by diving into a discussion of bleeding-edge research, but by gradually setting the scene.
Flowers of all hellebores persist beyond the bloom periods listed, gradually turning green.
The virus gradually destroys them, taking away the body's ability to protect itself.
The interval between treatments can gradually extend to up to a month.
Twitter can be adopted on a small scale, with its role gradually expanded if it works well for a particular course.
It starts out babbling and gradually refines its tune over time.
Left undisturbed, plants will gradually increase by rhizomes.
He has gradually been forced to be more explicit about what he is willing to do to underpin the economy.
Fairly short tail, thick at base, gradually tapering.
Scientists for decades have clashed over whether evolution takes place gradually or is driven by short spurts of intense change.
When you're in a light phase and it's time to wake up, the apps will gradually fade in an alarm.
Flowers persist beyond bloom periods, gradually turning green.
It gradually robs sufferers of their memories and ability to care for themselves, eventually killing them.
Beat egg whites until stiff, gradually add sugar and beat until stiff again.
The colon, the existing currency, will be phased out gradually.
The city is gradually sinking lower below sea level and becoming more dependent on its extensive levee system to keep water out.
Gradually make them your primary running shoes, and then gradually get lighter and lighter shoes.
There is a noticeable bump in traffic early in the month, but it gradually dwindles.
Their break with mainstream environmentalism happened gradually.
Others have argued that he gradually lost confidence.
However, these areas gradually became less active before errors were made.
But researchers have been unsure whether this sea-level rise happened quickly or gradually.
Scientists long held that this process unfolded gradually.
Her design strategy was to approach order gradually.
So gradually the music has mutated, though not so much as the slides, actually.
Over the course of his years as a temporary faculty member, his sights gradually dropped-but his expectations always trailed them.
Cities are gradually taking more water, which could mean a long-term struggle for small farmers.
As the evening progresses gradually turn down the lights.
The members of another line began hunting in shallow bodies of water and gradually evolved into whales and dolphins.
He gradually became disenchanted and decided to try something new.
New immigrants tend to form clusters from which they gradually disperse.
As accelerated expansion proceeds over trillions of years, matter and energy are gradually stretched thin across the universe.
The best new ideas develop by gradually adding bits of complexity to older ideas.
Regular freeze-thaw cycles and exposure to the elements have been gradually destroying the tracks.
Gradually add granulated sugar and continue to beat until well-combined and fluffy.
Meanwhile, as active mining has decreased, uranium surpluses have gradually dwindled.
Gradually she finds herself committed to professional activities three to four nights a week.
Healthcare and pension financing will continue to be addressed gradually.
At the same time, real public support for these moves will gradually weaken.
When leaves begin to yellow and wilt in fall, gradually reduce watering and stop fertilizing.
If you have a frost-free freezer, you may have noticed that your ice cubes gradually shrink over a period of days.
They also pledged to reduce these subsidies gradually.
From this point it gradually cools down and eventually will burn out.
He started with four and gradually took over all the main ones.
From that point the storm should continue its slow movement and gradually weaken.
Over the course of the day, they gradually grow leaden with extended use, as our arms and legs do.
All this has gradually created a new mood among business people.
Alternatively, stars might have switched on much more gradually.
For less ambitious investors, the obvious way to find better-value properties will be to take on risk gradually.
Tadpoles hatch from the eggs, gradually grow legs, and then move to land and become adult frogs.
As the body is exposed to small amounts of the local pollen through the honey, it gradually builds a tolerance.
All through history, languages have naturally ebbed and flowed, rising to prominence before gradually falling from use.
Gamma-radiation can reach far into the body, but releases its energy gradually.
Gradually it goes its own way, seizing a new ecological niche.
After years of rumination, it gradually dawned on me that there may be an underlying biological component to such behavior.
But as other countries started rebuilding their economies, the advantage gradually diminished.
If the robot is not treated properly the symptoms gradually get worse and the robot stops breathing and dies.
For many this is a turning-point for a river that has been gradually clawing its way back to life.
Add small amounts of water gradually to form a soft, elastic dough.
Using elevator logic, begin low and ascend gradually.
Within a hundred years it had become the brimless cloth pileus, which gradually came into fashion among academics.
Over the years, she has gradually withdrawn into a seclusion shared by an ever-increasing number of stray cats.
It sucks, but things gradually start to matter less as you get older.
It presents a system for improving quality gradually.
Around this sacred edifice a cemetery gradually sprang up.
Gradually they have flattened and turned into panels, and their screens have become sharper and brighter.
The receiver gradually goes quiet as the ocelot departs, unseen and unheard.
However by global convention loans are not marked to market, but carried at cost and impaired gradually.
The finding adds weight to the theory that modern human behavior emerged gradually.
Gradually the other members of the conference took steps to improve and catch up.
The degree of media freedom should be relaxed gradually during the process.
Gradually the size of his group grew-from four to eight to fourteen to twenty.
The fact is the right in this country has been gradually undercutting funding to public colleges.
The frock coat full of wadding, cut close to pull the figure into shape, gradually gave way to a looser but still precise jacket.
Gradually one of them will get bold enough to push her way into his lair.
Gradually the ear habituates to the absence of human activity.
Another is that they were nomads who gradually settled down.
But they'll certainly release a film gradually to build buzz if it lacks star power.
When seedlings are ready to go in the ground, gradually introduce them to full sun over a few days.
Once the plant is growing well, gradually begin pinching or pruning off lateral growth at the plant's base.
But gradually that water freezes too, expanding as it turns to ice and eventually bursting the pipe inside the wall.
The bed steps down gradually, allowing the tallest section of wall to be an inviting focal point.
From the bridge it gradually climbs an old logging-railroad bed up the west side of the river with many beautiful vistas.
Ask students what their experiments show might occur if the water level in a real sea were to gradually drop.
Add remaining two tablespoons sugar gradually, continuing beating to stiff peaks.
Gradually they become accustomed to being followed by humans and are no longer disturbed.
The collection grew gradually, punctuated by periods of exponential growth due to technological innovation.
Gradually, his tumble stops, but he's still drifting away.
Though rigid at its cutting end, the beak gradually becomes softer and more flexible as it approached the soft muscle tissue.
Gradually, the proportions and potential of the subterranean volcanic system have emerged.
His people once controlled land on both sides of the river, but an enemy tribe has gradually encroached on their territory.
Melt butter and sweat the flour briefly, then gradually pour in three cups of stock, whisking constantly.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and milk and wine drop by drop.
Melt butter, add flour and seasonings, and gradually hot milk.
Mix dry ingredients, add eggs slightly beaten, and pour on gradually scalded milk.
Cream the butter, and add flour gradually, mixed and sifted with ginger.
Beat yolks of eggs slightly, add gradually one-half of the oil and lemon juice.
Cream the butter, and add gradually one-half the sugar.
Beat yolks of eggs until thick and lemon-colored, and add gradually remaining sugar.
Melt three tablespoons butter, add four tablespoons flour, and pour on gradually one and one-half cups stock.
During activity the granular zone gradually diminishes in size, and when exhausted is only seen as a small area next to the lumen.
It is prenatally developed, of unknown function, and as soon as calf is taken from liquid food it gradually disappears.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and beat thoroughly.
Add gradually four cups of water in which tongue was cooked.
Add, gradually, one cup brown stock and two tablespoons sherry wine.
Wash one-third cup butter, add one cup powdered sugar gradually, and beat until creamy.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and egg well beaten.
Cook butter and onion five minutes, add corn-starch and stock gradually.
Add cold water gradually to flour to make a smooth, thin paste.
Strain, and add gradually to yolk of egg slightly beaten.
Melt butter, add flour, and when well-mixed add gradually scalded milk.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and eggs well beaten.
Melt butter, add flour mixed with dry seasonings, and pour on gradually the milk.
Cook onion and mushroom in butter five minutes, add flour, and pour on gradually oyster liquor and chicken stock.
Melt one-half the butter, add flour with seasonings, and pour on gradually hot water.
Stir, place on range, and heat gradually to boiling point.
Ossification begins in the center of the body, about the seventh week of fetal life, and gradually extends toward the extremities.
Beat white of egg until stiff and add gradually, while beating constantly, sugar.
Cream the butter, add flour, and pour on gradually scalded milk and cream.
Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, and eggs and egg yolk well beaten.
Work in butter with tips of fingers, and add milk gradually, using a knife for mixing.
Thus art gradually declines from its high position, as to the whole as well as details.
Add oil gradually, at first drop by drop, and stir constantly.
Mix sugar and corn-starch, add gradually to boiling water, stirring constantly.
Some axons may swell up and die, while others will gradually recover or make new connections.
To maintain normal thyroid levels, some patients may need to take gradually increasing doses of thyroid hormone every year or two.
The hair loss may be heavier at first, and then gradually slow or stop.
As the light gradually pours through a cracked window, a corpse is disclosed in centre.
After that, our experience with this machine gradually became better.
He gradually realized the potential for this medium to become an educational tool.
Despite the problems, linguists are gradually warming to the web as a corpus for formal research.
Distinctions between glowing and rectangular television sets, computers and mobile phones are gradually disappearing.
The premier wanted to balance the budget gradually, without big cuts to services.
Gradually, however, their struggle has moved from the background to the forefront of the world's attention.
As a result, theatres are gradually going high-tech.
But others fret that the work of welfare reform is being gradually undone.
When expansion of credit occurs gradually, this can come from reinvested profits.
New products can be launched under the same umbrella brand while old ones are gradually withdrawn from the market.
Without that essential element of give in order to take the quality of reciprocity will gradually fade away.
In the last few decades, the advocates for this humanistic approach seem to have gradually gained the upper hand.
When drugs do finally expire, some gradually get weaker and eventually become inert.
Many people survive large families but they do it more gradually, of course.
Gradually the home shifted from the place that provides protection to the place that needs protection.
Gradually reduces benefits for middle- and upper-income workers.
Bring the water and salt to the boil then gradually add the rice.
As a result, he says, mortgage rates are likely to increase gradually.
In a severe bear market, you may be better off investing your money gradually, over several months.
When a thin pulse of radio energy leaves a radar antenna, it gradually spreads out in all directions.
Police pinned down no suspects, and the case gradually went cold.
Newcomers with no training could start out working the simplest and then gradually learn others.
Gradually add the grits, return to a boil, then reduce to a simmer.
Over the last decade, the idea of tiny houses has gradually gained adherents.
Without doubt the decline in births will gradually drain the life out of the region.
Based mostly in universities, these groups have gradually become the primary audience for contemporary verse.
Gradually add the pomegranate juice, continuing to process until thick.
But gradually this kind of thing became more and more boring, and my interests changed.
The upper die is then gradually forced down against the ingot, and the metal flows to fill both dies and form the intended shape.
Wine-drinking was gradually controlled and usury forbidden.
And the mission that had originally seemed so preposterous had gradually come to seem feasible.
Gradually, urban artisans learned to manufacture local goods to replace traded articles.
Too much stability, and they would gradually lose their market to high-volume, standardized producers in low-wage countries.
Add the wine gradually and stir as you would a bechamel until it thickens.
Instead, virtue and character are achieved gradually and must be maintained through a relentless struggle for self-improvement.
As roads were built, they were gradually released into the wild.
The stock market gradually climbed, but it was besieged by both far-flung debt crises and domestic flash crashes.
Most ancient peat forests die gradually, leaving only spotty evidence of what grew there.
They also can be raised gradually to take measurements from the ground up to the top of the canopy.
Gradually, he sought safety in the brotherhood of gangsters.
Wildlife workers recaptured the condors and later released them in a nearby area, where they gradually regained confidence.
Air brakes are a great invention, he says, but there is one problem: there is no way to let them up gradually.
Twelve hours after the first dose, she received a second one and gradually began to improve.
The significance, not to say the enormity, of this coding system came to me only gradually.
Then the sweaty mob imitates them, gradually figuring out how to make prestige items more cheaply and put them to practical use.
Gradually, however, they were nudged out by encroaching tourism.
His skin remained warm for a long time-maybe an hour-then gradually cooled and turned pale as the blood settled.
Consequently, the water content in the meteorites gradually increased with the distance of their parent bodies from the sun.
Gradually, though, it has dawned on researchers that the sun's sovereignty is not so inviolable after all.
From modest origins that left few traces, construction gradually progressed to a monumental scale.
Previous studies of whale songs had suggested that such change occurs on an evolutionary scale--that is, gradually.
Many scientists believe the plaques are responsible for gradually destroying memory and brain functions.
Specifically, they gradually become increasingly stiff.
And they found that after the blasts, the land above the test chambers gradually swelled one inch higher in elevation.
There would be no need to damage the economy, if the switch is done gradually by the oil companies.
Gradually, our perception of time horizons have closed in on us since then.
The cosmological models predict that these clumps would gradually evolve into gravitationally bound structures.
It fluctuates a bit from year to year, and it's gradually slowing down thanks to the braking effects of lunar tides.
Gradually add water and milk, whisking until smooth.
Whisk milk mixture gradually into egg yolk in a small bowl.
In a heavy saucepan bring water and salt to a boil and gradually whisk in cornmeal in a thin stream.
But gradually, stamped cookies became a year-round treat, and bakers simply looked around them for inspiration.
Reheat sauce, then remove from heat and gradually whisk in cheese until smooth.
Beat butter in a large bowl with an electric mixer until light and fluffy, then gradually beat in granulated sugar.
Whisk together egg yolks in a metal bowl, then gradually whisk hot pudding into yolks.
Add yolk mixture to well and gently stir with a fork, gradually pulling in flour closest to egg mixture to make a paste.
Now, the fishermen catch their shares gradually over the course of the year.
He shook the handle gently, his movements getting gradually faster.
After a few more drinks, the conversation at the steakhouse table gradually waned.
Yet a range of theoretical developments has gradually qualified the interpretation of universe.
Stars shine by fusing hydrogen into helium in their cores, a process that gradually uses up the star's hydrogen fuel.
Instead it evolved gradually, beginning with our earliest hominid and even our primate ancestors.
The patients gradually lengthen the time they can ignore the compulsion.
Better, they said, to gradually develop the underlying technology.
The paralysis gradually seizes the entire body and depresses breathing.
Gradually, she stopped denying what was so difficult to believe.
Over a lifetime, this essential set of defensive mechanisms runs out of bounds and gradually damages organs throughout the body.
Some claimed that it started out as cries of pain, which gradually crystallized into distinct words.
Gradually they grow more certain-more conscious, you might say.
The benzodiazepines can then be tapered off gradually while the brain resets its balance.
They put wild rats in cages and then brought cats gradually closer to them.
Gradually losing their legs, they evolved into ocean dwellers in a dim world where sound serves them better than light.
In the months since, a portrait of the great whites as hunters has gradually come into focus.
The pattern gradually thickens toward the top and bottom of each panel, leaving the center clear.
Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.
They turn in an energetic set and gradually win over the locals.
As the country gradually opened itself economically and culturally, he found himself back in favor.
But gradually the business became prosperous, and a fixture, and a success.
The calcium is absorbed more gradually when taken in food, without risk of calcifying the blood vessels.
Gradually add the butter and remaining flour and mix well.
The transformation has taken hold too gradually and over too long a period.
Although some of the original crew lingered for a while, they gradually defected for more satisfying positions.
His stoop, averted gaze, and frightened demeanor have gradually faded.
The rate of air loss gradually lessened, and they were able to rest for longer periods.
The small group of intimates who watch with her has gradually diminished.
When the pulse ends, these atoms gradually realign while giving off energy.
Light gradually bends more and more as it goes through each layer, and less of it gets reflected back into air.
Instead, it gradually transitions from a liquid to a high-density vapor that gets lighter and lighter as it heats up.
The process repeats, gradually refining the design into the shape the user desires.
Significant improvements are needed, and they can only come gradually.
Items that aren't selling are gradually moved farther away.
The clot releases stem cells, which differentiate into cartilage cells and gradually form new tissue.
The problem is that the drug cannot be delivered gradually, in a conventional control-release delivery system.
On top of that, although prices have been coming down gradually, lithium-ion batteries are still expensive.
The resulting ethanol and gas gradually displace the diesel fuel, which is reduced to a minimum drip.
If the grandkids left a truck in the path, the walker will gradually steer around it.
These emissions dropped gradually in the month after the quake.
Over a period of time, the government gradually reduces the cap and the number of allowances until it reaches its target.
Cable operators have different equipment in different areas, so they have to deploy technology gradually.
He has gradually laid its ground in his eleven previous books.
The frequency of conditions as diverse as stroke and trauma is being gradually checked.
Gradually he retreated from society to a solitary, frugal life in bedsitters.
Over the years, the goal gradually has shifted from reaching peace to achieving a two-state agreement.
Gradually, the first example of science applied to clinical practice came somewhat informally into existence.
As the turf around a house gradually subsides, the slab seems to rise.
That's the movie's mystery, which is only gradually revealed.
Paying them off gradually exhausted all of the store's funds.
Gradually, meanings emerge and emotions crystallize.
She felt better for a few days, but gradually the pain returned.
Gradually, the hotel became a staging ground for a series of environmental art shows.
Meanwhile, he gradually emptied the upstairs rooms, slipping the bulbs from bedside lights and desk lamps.
She gradually lets go of her once prodigious reading.
The writer gradually began to understand what his friend meant.
Performers gradually stopped working out their own cadenzas, instead turning to a repertory of written-out versions.
Gradually, the group splits, each dancer doing her own thing as the dance slows to its opposite pole in poses.
Half a dozen times-as would gradually become clear in fine, emergent detail.
The rise of grunge in the early nineties brought their party to an end, and the band gradually imploded.
The photograph that the author develops darkens only gradually.
The country's stringent social codes gradually relaxed.
With this new insight, the writer began to improve and gradually succeeded in eliminating puns from his conversation.
With distance and time, you are able to gradually see what's there that shouldn't be.
The event, which began modestly, gradually turned into a celebrity bash.
Most vegetarians will tell you their decision to cut out meat came gradually, over a period of months or even years.
Galleries and espresso bars have gradually encroached upon adjacent neighborhoods, and change is inevitable.
Cloning has been emerging gradually, over the past decade, in small increments.
But over a year and a half, the level of violence has been gradually stepped up.
Killings have gradually decreased but violence remains high.
Not all that long ago, conventional medical wisdom was that the human body crumbled gradually before it collapsed completely.
As symptoms decrease, you may begin to gradually return to your daily activities.

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