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Wind is the flow of air from areas of high to low pressure down the pressure slope, or gradient.
Scientists suspected that the gradient might be related to the effectiveness of mucus as a barrier.
Rather, it is the skill gap and steeper gradient that needs to be scaled towards jobs of the future.
The gradient of the river-how quickly it drops-helps define the steepness of the sides and the width of the floor.
Each time, they increased the pressure in the balloon, thereby decreasing the amount of pressure gradient.
The work is derived from the potential energy of the salinity gradient.
If there were any hands raised, teach them that stream flow is entirely dependent upon the gradient of the streambed.
The number of diets you've tried correlates exactly with the gradient of weight gained over time.
Ageing has been a gentle gradient so far, but it is getting steeper.
Flattening the gradient cheapens the experience, the relationships, and the people in them.
But at the weak end of the gradient, where the students' conscious recall had faded to zero, the signal was still there.
The larger the temperature difference, the tighter the pressure gradient and the stronger the wind speed.
The plethora of camping locations also means a gradient of camping conditions, from cushy to primitive.
If a material conducts heat well, this current-generating temperature gradient will dissipate.
The large temperature gradient across the device puts mechanical stress on the contact-thermoelectric interface.
Convection limits this naturally created super-thermal-gradient.
Because climate varies with elevation, mountainsides can harbor a gradient of climatic zones.
In a given monkey troop, you will have a status gradient with the high status individuals at one end and the lowest at the other.
Instead of raining out the storm it might cause intensification due to increased temperature gradient.
For besides providing safe harbor for the development of life, vents offer a natural temperature gradient.
The stronger the selection, the sharper the fitness gradient.
We built something that measures the density of a drop of water, and sat around dropping water into this density gradient.
Thus a steep temperature gradient is present within the material itself.
There must be some way of harvesting the power gradient between our magnetic field and the ionosphere.
Rather, there is a continuous gradient of gaseous density.
So, when it comes to the tension in the spring, there is a gradient all along its length.
There is a steady gradient of depth and pressures between deep seas and shallow seas, and currents mixing the waters between them.
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