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Well if she is a third grader you have a shot, other wise.
Your article says nothing already not easily understood by a fifth grader.
The administrator could have a fifth-grader walk them through a long-division problem step-by-step.
No eighth grader would be proud of its syntax or even its spelling.
Shooting a breed of dog that would loose a fight with a first grader is a mistake.
So everything has to be kept at about a fifth-grader's intelligence level.
Being a second-grader isn't that different from being a first-grader.
Interior vacillations of mind and spirit are inevitable in any grader with professional dedication and a conscience.
Indeed, in many cases good evaluations mean you were an easy grader.
Known as a tough grader, he likes to peer through microscopes and work with data.
Our fifth-grader had some major meltdowns this past year over, of all things, socks and underwear.
When faced with a paper drenched in grader's ink, they search for the final grade and rarely consider questioning it.
The language has to be a little more concrete than some of the examples given here to be meaningful to a fourth-grader.
If you want good evaluations, give students the impression that you are an easy grader.
The price of co-authorship is too high when it involves listening to a third grader's poem of the day-every day.
What the story was actually about were the bedtime complaints of a disenfranchised fourth grader.
His father was the principal of an elementary school where a third-grader once threatened him with a knife.
It's the security breakthrough every eighth grader has been waiting for.
If this is a revelation to you, you read at a remarkably high level for a second-grader.
By my lights, this was a pretty terrific invention for a sixth grader.
My second-grader brought this worksheet home from school today.
Every day when my second-grader comes home from school, she hands me a stack of schoolwork to look at.
Claiming that industrialization makes weird things happen with the weather is a thesis not even worthy of a fifth grader.
But, one mistake later, the eighth-grader who had never known trouble faces five months in a military-style boot camp.
Still, the question remains whether the seventh-grader deserved more or less.
Another grader had been dispatched and was attempting to pull the grader that was stuck.
M any people feel that gravel maintenance really hasn't changed much since the grader and drag were invented.
The road grader was in the buffer zone because the road grader operator did not want to walk to the mailbox in the cold weather.

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