grad in a sentence

Example sentences for grad

Cornell grad student volunteers walked through the swabbing process with the undergrad students.
But as time went by, through grad school and all, evolution helped me lose my faith.
Thankfully, grad school is no longer a full-time gig.
They are great hold-over place for grads thinking about their next move, whether it's the job market or onto grad school.
Another data point to include: the number of graduates in grad school within five years.
My faith is in the professors and the good grad kids who care about humanity.
In the air-conditioned chill of the visitors' area, a grad student runs through the basics.
After graduating, she did not enter the teaching profession, but went straight to grad school to learn more about computers.
The grad student applicant has been told that their portfolio is inadequate.
The opportunity costs of going to grad school seem to be zero.
Aspiring journalists should stop going to journalism programs and go to some other kind of grad school.
Then they go to grad school because they must actually get qualified for a job.
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