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Example sentences for graciously

The space agency graciously posted a series of the images to the shuttle mission web site.
They point out that children, less aware of social norms, often fail to graciously accept a repentance.
It was the same scientific community that graciously gave the political sector nuclear technology, in particular nuclear weapons.
And if you have to graciously bring your concerns to your first adviser, then do it in a professional manner.
They graciously accepted and congratulated me on being so technologically savvy.
Tim graciously watched a few minutes of this rather odd, unnecessarily complicated experiment.
He graciously agreed to answer a few questions about his experience and the enigmatic colonel.
The author graciously took the time this morning to field our questions.
Then he graciously thanked his cast and all the people who worked on the movie, and went back to his seat.
Lord, graciously grant me your sanction and support.
The big-lipped chimp graciously accepts the blankets but spits out the pills.
In some cases the companies have more or less graciously accepted higher taxes.
Those not fortunate enough to display what nature graciously bestowed have a variety of options to amend physical qualities.
Not complaining would be one way to graciously support the guys in the field, who are risking their lives.
He graciously stayed on the line as a stranger asked for a few basic facts about his country.
Rooms are graciously appointed and have minibars and in-room safes.
Most images are copyrighted and the photographer has graciously granted limited use for noncommercial purposes.
Entrance is free, though donations are graciously accepted.
Local school districts graciously submitted a variety of pacing calendars and curriculum maps.
The national and local presenters have graciously shared their power point and handout materials with the state.
We are all grateful that the organ families have graciously donated to make this operation possible.
Four investigators who wrote exceptional applications have graciously agreed to let us post them online.
The residents enjoyed greatly your visit and the meal you graciously cooked for them.
We wish to acknowledge and thank all the scientists who graciously contributed time series to this website.
He didn't ask for this and in my opinion, he's dealing with it graciously.
And, as you point out, he withdrew it graciously in what looked to me to be a timely manner.

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There, burying each gloomy thought, each sad reflection in the hearse of dissipation, [we] lost the remembrance of our w... more
"My ancestors were all famous for military genius." My Lady smiled graciously. "It often runs in families,"... more
I was condemned to be beheaded, or burnt, as the king pleased; and he was graciously pleased, from the grea... more
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