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Example sentences for gracefully

With both curtains pulled back the kitchen opens gracefully to the dining area.
And flashbacks of the sisters' girlhood are seldom gracefully or pointedly worked into the narrative.
The burglar is caught, brought to the teacher's door and made to apologize, which he does quite gracefully.
To sit gracefully one should not perch stiffly on the edge of a straight chair, nor sprawl at length in an easy one.
If and when an internal candidate is no longer under consideration, offer him a chance to withdraw gracefully and confidentially.
Bless her little heart, she's not taking to this gracefully.
Being a good protégé also means learning to accept criticism gracefully.
And there is plenty of advice for individuals on how to age gracefully.
Instead they seek to manage its consequences, and a few are inventing ways to shrink gracefully.
Geeks sometimes want to shut up other geeks, but don't know how to do it gracefully.
As soon as the intervening call ends, everybody must try to re-enter the co-present context as gracefully as possible.
It is a gracefully sited monument, and a showplace that flatters almost all the art placed inside it.
Variable renewables can do the same but fail more gracefully.
In order to function, democracy requires losers to lose gracefully.
Getting in gracefully takes a bit of practice, but the interior is surprisingly comfortable.
It took me a few tries to be able to do it gracefully and quickly.
Submit to inspections gracefully while remembering these inspections are for our own safety.
Unlike the shuffling seals of today, the newfound species may have walked as gracefully as it swam, researchers say.
On the other hand, they gracefully soar for hours at a time on rising air currents without flapping a wing.
Both move more easily and gracefully in water than on land.
She gracefully listens, empathizes and addresses their concerns.
The club is gracefully designed and fits easily in the hand.
It would be absurd to expect him to step gracefully aside in the late stages of the fighting.
He completes two cartwheels, swings gracefully into the lower recesses of the cave, and swoops back out into space.
Its citizens gave to the city more gracefully than other citizens of other towns gave to them.
It's balanced when it starts off tart and sweet and then rounds out gracefully, from a pucker to a smile.
She dealt gracefully with the complicated issues of her parentage.
She writes clearly and gracefully and her book is a pleasure to read.
The wheel floats gracefully in empty space, collared in magnetic bearings that never quite touch its whirling axle.
In the one-sixth gravity of the moon, the wine slowly curled and gracefully came up the side of the cup.
Make sure to accept praise gracefully, and acknowledge others when appropriate.
They are tall and green and almost fluffy, and the road winds gracefully beneath them.
Therefore, he added two flocks of gulls sailing gracefully over the rocky headland.
It is designed to gracefully cope with manual system modifications.
The algorithm is able to detect these degeneracies and handle them gracefully.
As you approach the glowing aquarium, you will stop, entranced by gracefully undulating moon jellies.
See trumpeter swans swimming gracefully in waters kept ice-free by hydrothermal features.
It highlights an image of rice stalks, a diamond and a mallard gracefully flying above a lake.

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