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For years, high-school students who wanted information on a college could always grab a brochure from the counselor's office.
Point out how newscasters may play on a sense of fear for personal safety, ambiguity, or money issues to grab people's attention.
Crucial advice for future banding participants: before you grab the bird's body, be sure your partner has grabbed the head.
If it should rain, slip into a stone-and-log shelter, or grab a fireside seat in the estate house and have tea.
Once the site has loaded grab that tab and drag it down to the taskbar.
Grab a coloring book and box of crayons for a few minutes of coloring inside or outside the lines.
The intention was to get close, fire a projectile into the surface and grab some of the ensuing dust.
We moved around the tent, pushing through the crowd to grab samples for each other.
While you're picking up the tomatoes, grab some corn for grilling.
Don't grab the arms of the chair or slide backward in it.
They have to grab their legs and push off a number of times to get up.
Grab any opportunity to see the brothers' work you can, because not much of it is available.
Instead, grab a spot on one of the side streets downtown.
It is all so bleak that you feel the urge to grab a bottle of vodka and cling to it for dear life.
He quickly suggested putting a hooked stick in each room that could be used to reach up and grab the metal hook on the screen.
If you do get pinched, your only decent chance to escape is during the initial grab.
So grab good stocks and invest that's the bottom line.
All the more reason to grab your tent and take in the wild night skies.
The government sends thugs to grab commercial farms.
Suddenly sharp teeth grab the rat and something quickly wraps the rodent with its long, strong, muscular body.
But it wasn't my writing, it was the material, better positioned to grab a reader's attention.
If surging water flushed the air out of a cavity, the ship would grab at the water rather than sliding over it.
They are little more than a financial grab for tax breaks.
Next time you grab the word challenge, drop it at once and think again.
Print out this crazy maze, then grab a pencil and make your way through some pranks.
Grab a loaf of their ciabatta or focaccia, and you'll have a filling meal on your hands.
Grab a cold one and cheer in air-conditioned splendor at the retractable-roof ballpark.
Grab a parent and check out our partners' websites below to find a jumping jack event near you.
Never underestimate the eagerness of schlock horror filmmakers to go for the easy direct-to-video cash grab.
Grab your gear and join this expedition to visit some of them.
It takes a wrangler's spirit, fleet feet, and no small share of technical expertise to grab data from a raging tornado.
The pair may then grab each other by their talons and fall together, spiraling, toward the ground.
Wolves have long legs to run great distances and powerful jaws to grab prey and hold it.
True, you can't buy a visa online and grab it at the departure gate-but you can come close.
Grab a piece of wholegrain bread with peanut butter and a bit of jelly freeze tube yogurt and eat it as ice-cream.
We have to grab these opportunities while they're hot.
Get up go the the kitchen grab some ice put it in a bowl.
If you can grab an enemy with the hand, you can take control of them.
If someone tries to grab you from behind, they get the full, hefty shock out of it.
Cases in which retirees can return to work with their full salary grab the headlines.
They can reach deep down below the surface of lakes or in wetlands to grab plants to eat.
Eventually you will be able to grab the membrane and pull it off.
On his way out the door, he paused to grab a beer from the beverage cart.
They will grab onto any of these sorts of arguments.
We show him where to grab a bike when he wants to pedal around with his backpack and a fly rod.
It took far more time to grab these shots than the actually do it.
The trick is to either grab shrapnel or coax it toward the planet, where it will burn up in the atmosphere.
Upon release, the springy little plastic jaws grab onto the breached area of an artery, stanching the blood flow.
Grab a cuppa or a pipe and start slashing red through their papers.
Grab the opportunities to instill your values every time you get them.
Seabirds, particularly albatrosses and petrels, regularly grab the baited hooks.
The grooves provide a surface for the bat's claws to grab if they are sliding inside the bat house upside down towards the ground.
The tension between the two firms has been growing as both manoeuvre to grab a bigger share of the mobile-advertising business.
So grab your backpack, boots, and some granola bars and get out and enjoy nature.
Your only option is to grab another half-full plastic cup.
After all, they have nothing to lose-apart from what they can grab on the high seas.
It is far easier to grab the thing everybody is talking about or that you heard on the radio that morning.
Ticks can grab onto people's skin and suck their blood.
Free to burp and fart without apology, to grab food and smoke and run shirtless through the thorns.
The only really simple thing is to go straight for what you want and grab it.
One to hold the bird, one to grab her head an open her beak and give her the meds.
Occasionally, one would lift off the bottom, grab an insect off the surface and drop back to its chosen holding spot.
Join the group for a discussion about the artwork on display, then grab some alone time to sketch whatever inspires you.
Many wreck chasers see no reason why they shouldn't grab an interesting piece of hardware from a site.
In desperation he let go but managed to grab the keel of an upturned lifeboat.
Grab the money, pitch two more years, inflate the bank account and then disappear.
When you make your reservation, grab the seat next to the window to optimize the chances you'll sleep the whole way.
He used it to go sit in the museum garden, or grab a cup of coffee, looking only indifferently at the art.
Job candidates are savvy and, as they visit a campus, will grab publications to learn more about the place.
Such policies are never available to the public, but one can only imagine the grab-bag of anti-social activities that they cover.
Grab a ruler and measure your physical copy of the letterhead.
Researchers may get up at dawn hoping to grab chimpanzee faeces that fall from the trees.
The predictable result is huge crowds waiting outside shops to rush in and grab whatever they can while the going is good.
The result is a short-term resource grab that destroys longer-term productivity.
Yet their tendency to bicker among themselves keeps letting others grab the toys.
If he is not, the government's efforts will grab all the attention.
If the goal is to improve the tax code, this grab-bag of measures is deeply disappointing.
When you're done listening to this podcast, grab whatever product you use to clean.
Put on your fuzzy slippers and grab a coffee and relax ops.
So the next time you reach into the dairy case, grab the quart or gallon-size yogurt instead of the single-serving cups.
The snake can grab a bat out of the air from this position.
Grab your parents and tell them you want to go on an outdoor adventure this weekend.
Maybe even more amazing than how fast these ants grab food or even enemies is how they use this same energy to move.
It was a strange trip because merchants grab boats with their canes to display their stock.
It will grab people, make them care, help them understand.
Ideally, no one would ever visit a doctor or need a cup of coffee to feel ready to grab life by the lapels.
They also sport an additional pair of smaller frontal legs, which can be used to grab prey.
Attacking from behind, a leopard seal will use its powerful jaws to grab a seal pup by the head and crush its skull.
They survive mainly on fish but are known to occasionally grab birds close to the water's surface.
They study their opponents, stage mock battles, and stash ammo to grab in the moment of crisis.
Then take a break, grab a coffee, and join us this afternoon.
Most hockey fighters stand close to their opponents and wrestle with them, or grab their sweaters and trade short, quick punches.
Studio heads want nothing more than to make money and grab power, there is no reason for them to make better pictures.
There was that moment on election night when she supposedly tried to grab a microphone.
Grab and drag the page up and down by clicking onto the page and holding down the mouse button, then moving your cursor.
Maliki's latest moves show all the hallmarks of what, in the old days, used to be called a political power-grab.
It's a bit of a grab bag, and the selection changes based on what the owners find on the market.
Offerings change by the month, but if the duck confit ravioli are available, grab them.
Before dinner grab a drink at the bar under a traditional clay-tiled roof.
Grab one straight from the oven-hot, puffed, and chewy-to eat on the street.
Implantable materials that grab stem cells and spur their growth and survival could improve bone-healing surgeries.
And the properties of polymer used allow it to stick and grab on to the water's surface.
Or robots in the field that could grab a plant and convert it to power.
As more binding molecules grab on to more modified insulin, a network forms that holds the insulin in place.
Anywhere else in the world, you grab a phone from whomever, grab a sim card from whomever and you get great coverage wherever.
Being able to grab your phone number and home address could make the experience even more convenient.
Alternately, some operations simply use long grappling hooks to grab the cable.
Grab the ringing phone and a touch sensor signals the phone to soften its ring while you are bringing it close to your ear.
Grab it and run with it, since the best way to forecast the future is to build it.
The scientific community is not driven by the desire to grab headlines.
Amputees can feel missing hands grab a cup of coffee, missing feet itch, and missing legs ache.
When the receptors grab a hormone, the neurons respond by pumping out proteins that trigger a cascade of reactions.
The ultimate goal is to win, so the incentive to grab a better player should be offset by the incentive to win games.
And that new protein may, in turn, grab onto many other genes.
When their partner couldn't grab their end of the rope, they were far less likely to bother.
If you do grab the seriously super high-res version of the image, you get a much better look at it.
Within moments, it's paralysed, and the ants finally move in and grab it.
Coal mine accidents grab the major headlines, and ravages of the land are visible and dramatic.
On impulse, you grab an extra-large candy bar during your afternoon break.
Virtually every block in the city's center has a worthwhile spot for a leisurely meal or a quick grab-and-gulp.
After each poem or excerpt, he tossed the papers he was reading from into the crowd-and more than one adult leapt to grab them.
When he tried to grab it back, she slapped him twice.
It would grab the public's interest while preserving grand style and returning legitimacy to the activities themselves.
While the top of our readership gorged, here was a direct way for us to grab some of the crumbs.
Occasionally he would raise his head, grab a quick look, then lower his eyes again.
They'd been conditioned to grab as much as they could, without thinking about the long-term consequences.
The time, date, and location of each grab sample shall be recorded on the sample chain of custody form.
The rope grab allows free movement and can be detached and reattached at any point on the system.
It makes sense that you'd want your arms to stay warm yet still be able to grab the remote or a soda.
It can't walk and grab things, as many robots today can.
Divorce is often nasty but once in a while, the details of a particular breakup grab ahold of the soul and won't let go.

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