gown in a sentence

Example sentences for gown

The real challenge, she said, is getting administrators to think differently about land use and town-gown relationships.
She spread the white satin gown on the art-room floor.
He's in a dressing gown, which he removes, slinging it behind his back to his butler.
She's given a case number, a bracelet, a hospital gown.
He wore a gown and a sweater, and had a bright gold watch.
He introduced military service for some clerics and banned all but the senior clergy from wearing the traditional gown and turban.
She was flinty, in fact, insisting before agreeing to be interviewed that questions about a bridal gown never be raised.
Neither gown is intended to be worn during surgical procedures as both gowns are provided as non-sterile.

Famous quotes containing the word gown

Mr. Doctor, that loose gown becomes you so well I wonder your notions should be so narrow.... more
He dreamed that he stood in a shadowy Court, Where the Snark, with a glass in its eye, Dressed in gown, ban... more
Realism absorbs the ideal by adding a few small imperfections. Example: it paints a few specks of mud on the white more
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