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If the government is cruel, the governor's life is not safe.
But the governor had cut public health budgets across the state.
It would be unfair to suggest that the governor is unconcerned about the state's dire fiscal situation.
Maybe some sort of governor that gives priority to the low volume user would be a better way.
After the shutdown, the furious governor began the process again.
The icing on the cake is to try to discover the governor of the island among the crowd.
So far, locals are fond of their governor and his populist touch.
The governor and state legislature reached agreement on a budget for the current fiscal year that was more than two months late.
Here are the candidates for governor who find themselves in a materially stronger position from earlier this week.
The provincial governor learned of their plans and sent truckloads of soldiers to stop them.
One of the voters reported the same problem in the governor and state senate races.
But without the rigors of everyday life, which often demand an answer, the debates of academia lack any governor on them at all.
He said he had decided that he would not run this year for a third term as governor.
And the party of the governor of any particular state is random.
Yet one of this political season's enduring puzzles has been the former governor's consistent inability to bond with voters.
The legislature voted for it almost unanimously, but the governor and the attorney general are against it.
The governor will decide which to accept, which not to accept.
The fact that she bailed on her job as governor will be brought out of the bullpen the moment she announces any electoral run.

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