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No governmental action can do more than supplement individual action.
Moreover, there must be collective action of kinds distinct from governmental action.
Unfortunately, given current industry lobbying and governmental laws, no other medication is available on the market.
The primary obstacle is corruption and incompetent governmental leadership.
We need more consideration of limited governmental powers based on the rule of law.
Simply switch governmental support from oil and coal to renewable power sources.
They are frustrated with corporate and governmental irresponsibility.
It's not that there's too much governmental regulation, it's that there's too much money involved.
He discloses a number of these governmental shenanigans that will make your hair turn gray.
Organic is not exempt from any governmental regulatory body.
The concern here is the governmental fallout of a book that aspires to set the agenda of social policy debate for the decade.
He also served on other governmental and intergovernmental panels.
But governmental coercion should not be used to impose this goal on others.
It's also running into trouble with governmental authorities.
Governmental programs that would have the clearest impact are, by their nature, limited in scale.
The world is heading online, and that includes our public governmental agencies.
Euro-zone governments could create inter-governmental credit lines.
During his time in office state-run television and radio stations were obliged to follow a pro-governmental line.
Lower taxes and fewer governmental regulations burden businesses less and produce a more vital economy.
There is no other type of employment that is regulated through direct governmental legislation.
The entire process seems to result from systematic governmental attempts on all sides to evade any kind of responsibility.
Clearly governmental and non-governmental agencies will play a role in this process.
What do highly managed systems means, increased governmental regulations.
As long as advanced economies and markets exist, they will exist within the framework of governmental regulation.

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