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Historically, accreditation has been relatively independent of government.
It is a unique "federal district" created specifically to be the seat of government.
It's officially considered safe by the government.
In 1952, a constitution was enacted providing for internal self government.
The government is pursuing measures to curb this trend.
But the bigger reason is that, this time, third place may be enough for a seat in government.
The Malaysian government has adopted conservation laws.
Investors are concerned the government may be too slow in bailing out the utility or nationalising it.
In recent years, the city government has invested heavily in its poorest neighborhoods that creep up the steep Andean slopes.
His prosperity has been bolstered by the government's support program.
He never loses sight of the important fact that government is only one factor in social life.
Many of their people are utterly unfit for self-government, and show no signs of becoming fit.
Government trucks racing through village streets blaring warnings didn't do it.
Ask groups to pretend they are consultants who have been hired by the city government.
Amateur satellite spotters can track everything government spymasters blast into orbit.
And anyone in government will tell you that information, when wielded with finesse, begets power.
Belcher's wizardry has attracted attention from the highest levels of government.
The government also beefed up security at important mounds.
But even adjusted for bureaucratic hyperbole the government response is hefty.
Concern that the global economic recovery is flagging is supporting demand for government debt.
He is a forward-thinking pragmatist but has little experience in government.
The government is gingerly taking steps to improve things.
Voices are being openly raised about the need for more trustworthy government.
When the government is unable to collect on defaulted loans, taxpayers are on the hook for the losses.
But the government must take further steps to solve the problem.
Others are simply government running amok as people in power are wont to do.
One criterion was stakeholder involvement from local people and government authorities.
Pollution may go down as economic output slows, or up as the government stimulates polluting industries.
Government officials said the snow, when it melts in the spring, should end a near-decade long dry spell.
The government looks at the results and decides that a little benevolent disinformation is in order.
In government laboratories and elsewhere, scientists are seeking a drug able to prolong life and youthful vigor.
Government then can't demand the scientist put their neck on the line with a personal opinion.
Every government that could pursued nuclear armaments in order to keep even with their fears of real and imagined adversaries.
The government must allow its citizens to drive whatever they want, whenever they want, at whatever speed they want.
Government policies of ow interest rates designed to keep consumers spending.
Recognition of the importance of sustainability is strongest among retailers, processors, and government officials.
He says that government policy usually has precious little to do with whether the market rises or falls.
It's time to demand results from government at every level.
But only recently has government at both the national and local levels taken aim at the practice of smoking.
People who are against the government say that these people have been charged of having interviews with foreign journalists.
All the prosecutors in the case remain with the government except one.
Government incentives and lower solar prices are starting to pay off.
Money for advanced technology is now trickling out of government coffers.
Novel voting technology will be used in a local government election.
Adding solar power to natural gas plants isn't a new idea, but it hasn't been economical without government subsidies.
Then the local power companies and government utility agencies came to subsidize them.
Sixty years of government-funded basic research has set up a potential revolution in our approach to disease.
At long last, the government acknowledges the species is threatened.
However, the government has reportedly reneged on this mandate, and has postponed that deadline indefinitely.
Thanks to support from environmentalists and government, solar energy is a hot investment right now.
For eight years, stem cell researchers chafed at restrictions limiting government funding to a handful of preexisting cell lines.
The government, he says, knows his data is only a starting point for investigation.
He lives under a city government that knows better about what's good for him and his clients.
Among the measures enacted: wage cuts, government-employee layoffs, and slashed defense spending.
People there want government to stay out of their pockets, and their lives.
But he gradually concluded that government is largely useless-and positively destructive when it tries to do good.
In any case, the movement is likely to be a major player in any transitional government.
The consequent change of government and drastic budgetary measures have been described well enough in any number of newspapers.
The government has moved aggressively, and on several fronts, to stanch the immediate damage.
There were dialogues and demands to negotiate with the government.
The government of the world must be entrusted to satisfied nations, who wished nothing more for themselves than what they had.
Find out more about how the city government works and what services are provided.
Find resources and information from your local government.
Buy new, seized, and surplus merchandise and real estate from the government.
Gateway to state government resources, including tourist information.
Local government officials argue the tactics are legal and have long been used to reward workers.

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