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The people in these countries are mostly governed by dictators, thus reflecting their nation's mentality.
Economics is not math, and it is not governed by pure logic.
Tattooing was done in stages over many years and was governed by various taboos.
If pi was essential to the physical world, perhaps it somehow governed the markets.
In his model, the growth of leaf lobes is governed by the position of leaf veins.
Games that were governed by text are now being governed by chat, and it is subtly changing the feel of our virtual universe.
The lit areas showed the governed, stable, orderly parts of the planet.
For such tiny objects, the world is governed by a madhouse set of physical laws known as quantum mechanics.
In fact, it flows so freely that it approximates a perfect liquid, the kind governed by the standard laws of hydrodynamics.
Neutrinos are governed by weak interactions and gravitation.
By consenting to live in an organized, governed society, you gain certain benefits and accept certain costs.
In our world, access to technology is almost entirely governed by geography.
The ship charter market is one of the few areas of economic activity truly governed by supply and demand.
Until a closing episode, he is governed by the criminal code, which he insists demands an eye for an eye.
The electrical signals and neurochemical transmitters in the brain are governed by physics and chemistry.
The activity of neurons is a chemical and electrical process governed by the laws of physics.
But who ever said that our universe is governed by reason.
Evolution only affirms that living things are governed by a unifying law.
Bonuses will be governed by strict formulas-or by broad principles.
Biologists will thus be able to test theories about how behaviour is governed by the vole's various genes.
With server-based games the hardware on the casino floor is governed by software on a remote server.
The second condition is that the globalisation of banking, a trend that has governed the industry for two decades, continues.
But property manias can take hold in even the best governed countries.
Individual photons possess properties that are governed by one of the basic laws of quantum mechanics, the uncertainty principle.
The author has a brilliant strategy for small enterprises looking to enter markets governed by giants.
It has been governed for thousands of years by local and regional tribal coalitions.
And, in the end, it's a refusal to be governed by fear:.

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