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It's a story about governance and how local government can go really wrong.
He was wise in the ways of corporate governance and rich in the lessons of life.
Helping such anarchic places to improve their governance a bit has many benefits.
Currently our system of ocean governance is piecemeal.
Students of corporate governance view them less benignly.
He expects the back and forth between shopkeepers and customers to evolve into a marketplace and some basic form of governance.
The leaders' next meeting is to focus on such governance issues.
But current governance does not allow us to use management tools and policy instruments in a systematic, holistic way.
It has built an enviable reputation for good governance and political stability.
The answer is good governance and a widely held belief that being second best isn't good enough.
Later dynasties would be more renowned, praised for artistic perfection and sophisticated governance.
Additionally, his governance solution would need to scale to future cloud architectures.
It was the first city in history to be created solely for the purpose of governance.
The moment demanded clarity of mind and rigorous governance, and yet he could not summon them.
Unfortunately, this pious king has no skills at governance whatever.
Improvements in governance and security, along with high wheat prices, have supported these results.
Our governance infrastructure has become overgrown and overpriced.
The commission raised questions about adequate governance and university resources.
As the feudal system emerged, the castle evolved into the center of governance for a village and surrounding farmlands.
The picture is similarly mixed when it comes to corporate governance.
Part of the reason may lie in their ownership and governance structures.
Their shabby corporate governance and their dominance of the economy were widely criticised.
Since then, bosses have been jailed, transparency increased and corporate governance improved.
Ministers duly put compensation and governance reform at the top of their list of reform priorities.
He says the follow-up work to maintain security and build a semblance of basic governance will matter more than the initial fight.
In principle, there are three ways of limiting human environmental impacts: through population policy, technology and governance.
Private investors will always require good governance to ensure that their dollars are not misused.
Several studies suggest that quality of governance is important for investment and growth.
However, adding other negative factors such as poor governance and corruption matters are further complicated.
Efforts that focus on governance and transparency must have priority.
The idea is to encourage good governance in a continent whose fantastic potential has been sapped by pervasive corruption.
Overall governance and development progress continues to lag security gains.
Hopes bloomed for those seeking democracy and good governance in a part of the world short on both.
None, not incidentally, are famous for good governance.
They are--roughly put--a compact between citizens and the state detailing the guidelines for governance.

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