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Senate career also may hold clues about how he would govern.
Each hotel has its own policies that govern guest check-out procedures.
WE govern our democracy either by leadership or by crisis.
Ocean currents govern the world's weather and churn a kaleidoscope of life.
Scientific or natural laws govern the physical, but they are not physical.
Of course, it's one thing to win a revolution, and quite another to govern its consequences.
Two major plasma flows govern the cycle, the researchers said.
But there are some basic principles that should govern your thinking when it comes to managing campus crises.
The study could also help researchers identify genes that govern behavioral traits, such as aggressiveness or kindness.
They cannot, however, distinguish among various microscopic mechanisms that may govern the material's behavior.
He adds that the finding of red's advantage might have implications for regulations that govern sporting attire.
The frontal and temporal lobes, which govern speech-no dedicated writing center is hardwired in the brain-may also figure in.
Examines tensions created by both parties' duty to both campaign and govern.
Those factors govern when the snow melts and therefore when the ramps grow.
The legislation would also set up strict ethical guidelines to govern research.
He is now trying to tease out how these peatlands help govern the mix of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Let scientific temper govern the social aspirations of science and benefit humanity in its total development.
Because leatherback turtles are endangered, strict regulations govern when and how they may be photographed.
Some autocrats govern wisely and in the best interests of the people.
Our government was set up with the notion that each state could self govern.
The mathematics of exponential growth govern the prediction of population growth.
Your theory that mortality rates govern birth rates is obsolete.
Only thus, they say, can he redeem his campaign promises to transcend party and govern solely in the national interest.
Pheromones are the mysterious fragrances that govern the primal urge to court and mate in creatures from moths to mice.
Fear becomes abnormal when it continues to govern actions in the absence of objective danger.
In none of these contests was the victor's right to govern seriously challenged.
The equations that govern fluid flow come from conservation relations.
We also have the power to govern our actions, to maintain the stability of the systems that keep us alive.
There is an ongoing conversation about how to govern these technologies.
The problem is that the government won't govern themselves.
Our findings suggest a number of things about the organizing principles that govern the encoding of memory.
But when they have to actually govern and make decisions, big problems arise.
Now, however, the sheer number of objects has crushed my ability to govern.
Other times, a government in exile can form entirely outside the nation it wants to govern.
Government by the people must ever rest upon the people's ability to govern themselves, upon their intelligence and public spirit.
They either so govern their conduct as to bind themselves wholly to your fortunes, or they do not.
Sensuous power must then be annihilated before the law which must govern it can be established.
Additional terms govern the purchase and redemption of gift vouchers.
Images govern our dreams, and our dreams drive our actions.
We don't yet know how to let the subsets govern themselves or make decisions about new entrants.
When people get elected, it's their responsibility to govern.
Given that fishing pressure can be intense, there are many regulations in the state that govern the sport.
Great for watching your team govern the ice on game day.
In the latter case, he has to show he can govern effectively in a crisis created by a natural disaster.
It reflects obvious contempt for the political-speech rights of people and groups the candidates aim to govern.
According to this view, those who govern a country should function as no more than the agents of the people.
But the principles that govern the solution of the problems do not.
Yet personal frustration, however sincere, is obviously not alone a qualification to govern and mend this largely failed state.
Today the principles that govern stars are taught in middle school, and exotica such as dark matter dominate the headlines.
The gestures were empty, but governments are condemned to govern.
After all, democracy is built on the principle that large groups know how to govern themselves.
Combining satellites with computers to govern a train's speed is only one step toward completely computer-automated operation.
They govern global chemical cycles and play vital roles in our health.
In an ideal democracy-whatever that is-the people govern themselves.
It's meant to look at the general principles that govern this transition.
Once the decision is made to use animals, researchers must conform to the laws, regulations and policies that govern the practice.
There are strict orders ants and bees follow without failure, who is behind these laws that govern these great species.
These are real concerns that govern our use of current robotic space probes.
He spends all his time drawing lewd cartoons instead of describing the physical and chemical properties that govern the reaction.
We have fought, and will continue to fight, pitched battles about how best to govern this nation.
But once you understand the laws that govern it, there is a wonderful and poetic simplicity and beauty to it.
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the basic laws which govern and explain phenomena observed in the natural world.
The whole purpose of law is to govern human behavior for the benefit of the individual and society.

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