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Example sentences for gourd

In the other he carried a shopping bag containing a guiro, a serrated gourd that doubles as a musical instrument.
His gourd season sits on a granary floor, a winnowing wind in her hair.
Ask students if they have figured out what the drinking gourd is.
The bouquet shown here, for example, fills a burnished gourd.
He carries a stout staff with a drinking gourd attached.
The people also grew bottle gourd to make into containers.
All are secured in a brick of moist florist's foam inside a plastic-lined gourd.
The blank jack-o-lantern canvas made us wonder if you've picked out your seasonal gourd yet, locals.
Feasted, and slaked their thirst from the water-gourd of the teacher.
The lips are of a fine color, resembling a bright red gourd, and are smooth and pleasant to the touch.
For instance, the guiro percussion instrument is a gourd played in many popular genres.
It's that time of year, and though prices are higher, the gourd is irresistible.
Some vacation packages also include gourd painting and visits to coffee plantations.
Every so often a percussionist from the band would stand by her and follow her motions with a gourd or a drum.
Gourds are a sure sign that fall is here and now is a good time to purchase and prepare gourd birdhouses for the upcoming spring.

Famous quotes containing the word gourd

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