gouge in a sentence

Example sentences for gouge

But a gouge doesn't have to remain a gouge, or a scratch a scratch.
To shore up profits, they gouge an ever-dwindling supply of full-fare mugs with ever-steeper ticket prices.
Moving glaciers gouge out basins and form steep-sided mountain valleys.
Amid the deepening gloom in the car industry, dealers have found one way to gouge for profit: hybrids.
Y, watching an old steam shovel gouge a pit for building foundations.
Unions in the public sector gouge taxpayers and unions in the private sector gouge the consumer.
It would be easy to accidentally gouge the map, though, so take care with it and don't display it in a high traffic area.
You'll see rutting bulls gouge deep holes in the fragile ground.
It's letting companies gouge customers who don't have many other alternatives for service.
It is a potato-shaped rock covered with craters, unexplained long grooves, and a large gouge in the center.
Gouge that fool for oil and gold for as long as you can.
However, it'll still leave a deep gouge in your wallet.
It is no secret that many landlords who rent to the city try to gouge it.
To do that, gouge out the caulking from the seam with a screwdriver or other pointed tool.
Rolfers gouge with knuckles and knead with fists, contort limbs and lean into elbows to loosen tendons and ligaments.
Powers noticed gouge marks, indicating a forced entry.
Locals would have a fit if they tried to gouge them.
Public spending form a sort of ceiling, making it more difficult for private businesses to gouge their customers.
And plaintiffs' lawyers will continue to gouge the system with predatory lawsuits.
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