gossiping in a sentence

Example sentences for gossiping

Imagine gossiping about someone who then becomes part of the group and can see everything you've written.
The workers sit out under the trees gossiping and making jewelry.
Visitors and riders strolled by, munching, gossiping and laughing.
So are spreading rumors, gossiping and making threats online.
It has almost replaced the telephone for after-school gossiping.
To many it was a social center for gossiping and keeping up with events of the day.
Sharing confidential information to simply satisfy someone's curiosity or for the purpose of gossiping is never appropriate.
It includes shunning, ostracizing, gossiping and spreading malicious rumors.
She also wasted time gossiping with team members and missed deadlines.
Keep quiet, you know nothing about that, stop gossiping.

Famous quotes containing the word gossiping

The gossiping of friendly spheres, The creaking of the tented sky, The ticking of Eternity.... more
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