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We were able to talk about our friendship and, as academics do, gossip a bit about the profession.
When stressful times arise, so do rumors and gossip.
Office gossip can be good for you as long as you do it right.
But in general, we frown on gossips.
The author interviewed at least 84 people and accumulated a great deal of tittle-tattle and gossip.
If gossip somehow brings forth actual knowledge, so be it.
He preferred to gossip.
It is just so much gossip.
This is about gossip and a need for media attention.
Then they just sit around and gossip.
She briefly enjoys the illusion of belonging before she accidentally overhears some crushing gossip in the ladies room.
But being on the fringe also reduces access to gossip and resources, which radiate out from the center.
What heretofore was merely private gossip, limited to small networks of individuals, is now published for all.
Of course, it is natural that they want to flirt and gossip with one another.
But the best kind of gossip is on the record and holds nothing back.
Probably, they had noticed his name in a gossip column.
It is a great act of historical witness, and a great source of scandalous insight and gossip.
What keeps me out of the conversation, nursing this daiquiri, is less the gossip than the topic.
Today bloggers publish only about gossip and net stuff and this is really frustrating.
There is something wonderfully spontaneous about these letters-they are full of fun and gossip.
Most likely he has not thought at all but simply repeats scientific gossip.
She succeeds with a flair for observation, gossip and history.
They get gossip trade offers and job advertising from their free local papers.
These are typically cheaper, and probably less strict about policing insider gossip.
Conversation-or gossip, as he refers to it-certainly does seem to have the same bond-forming role as grooming.
Donors drop into telecoms centres to send e-mails, but also to swap stories and gossip.
Even before the latest merger there was plenty of gossip about possible deals.
The vast majority of the time they have nothing better to do than gossip.
The release of the wiki-gossip will re-engage millions in democracy.
While it's natural to stand around the water cooler and gossip a little, keep it to a minimum.
Since then, other boyfriends have been mentioned in gossip columns.
Check out the latest from the written press with all the gossip and speculation from today's newspapers.
Italians consider dinner an opportunity to relax with friends and family, to chat and gossip, laugh and share.
Gossip plays a significant role in the dynamics of power and popularity among students and their peers.
The squirrel is the gossip of the woods and with flicks of his tail he punctuates all that he has to say.
The case has dominated headlines and gossip circles.
He doesn't focus on the mundane details of his daily life or celebrity gossip.
Merrill made the gossip pages as regularly as the financial pages.

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