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Her shapely arms were bare, and in her hands she held a gossamer scarf.
Silkworms get the pigments they use to color their gossamer product from mulberry leaves, the only food they eat.
To decorate your patio or porch this month, try plants instead of plastic pumpkins or gossamer ghosts.
This year, fewer guests will dine under crystal chandeliers or balls made of roses hanging from a gossamer-covered ceiling.
Television sets have never been thought of as gossamer.
Few things appear as delicate as a spider's web, each gossamer strand one-tenth the width of a human hair.
Rim's gossamer watercolors exude a breezy élan and they pop with luscious color--the pinks are especially juicy.
He holds up a gossamer-light wedding hat with wafting plumes.
He wore gossamer sleeves Sunday and red sequins meant to suggest the fallen-angel aspect of his career.
The shrimp were firm and crisp, but their coating was not an authentic, gossamer tempura.
But the strongest crypto is gossamer protection if malevolent people have access to the computers on the other end.
The spider surveyed its universe, but everything beyond that gossamer pinwheel was incomprehensible.
The speed with which these shimmering green and pink tinged gossamer curtains rippled across the sky was truly breath taking.
If the foregoing gives the impression that this film is no wisp of gossamer, our opinion has been verily transmitted.
These life forms interact with and influence one another, manifesting the gossamer web of life in this harsh, dry environment.

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