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The tree tops were all bright with reds and yellows, with brilliant gleaming whites and gorgeous greens.
Between the dynamic clouds, the gorgeous colors, and the special landscape was a beautiful scene.
There's still light in the sky, but it takes on a gorgeous blue gradation.
Every one of those images is astonishingly gorgeous.
Such an interesting angle and gorgeous color.
It is really gorgeous and the air is pristine.
He was tanned, gorgeous, and irresistible—but I resisted.
They're surrounded by gorgeous women with good teeth.
Just before sunset, we arrived at this gorgeous expanse of towering dunes that stretched to the horizon.
He mocks just about everyone less gorgeous and popular than he is, which is just about everyone.
This picture is gorgeous! It almost makes me think of days long gone.
This is a gorgeous gift for serious lovers of books and design.
His gorgeous renderings of planets, stars and other heavenly objects have appeared in scores of books and magazines.
There are the usual charming street photos, some gorgeous birds, plenty of bugs on flowers.
Imagine a garden that pumps out gorgeous blooms over a long season.
Tri-tip is one of our favorite cuts for grilling, and this recipe reminds us why: a gorgeous browned crust and juicy meat.
Each high-quality poster is gorgeous and is sure to be a welcome addition to any room or office.
Gorgeous mountain views provide an impressive backdrop for this charming wildlife pond.
First came a squadron of cavaliers in gorgeous raiment, mounted on superb chargers.
All the people in the town were talking of the gorgeous stuff.
Of course, there is another side to this gorgeous show.
Now the air is filled with gorgeous smell of roasting coffee.
On every altar fragrant oil was burning in gorgeous lamps of silver.
But its gorgeous smooth surface suddenly gives way to a dilapidated, pot-holed obstacle course for the rest of the journey.
The sitter's face emerges from a gorgeous, swirling, gold-painted mosaic.
Visit all our gorgeous monasteries that savages didn't burn to ground.
We bump along past stretches of gorgeous tropical coastline and snake through acres of farmland.
It's a gorgeous sight but, for the inexperienced, an intimidating one.
Ungraceful ones who sang well, pretty ones who sang flat and gorgeous ones who could not sing.
Artists cranked out gorgeous paintings of streamlined aircraft that would make flying a wonderful experience.
Maya artisans use vintage huipils to create these gorgeous tote bags as a way to share their culture with the world.
It is gorgeous, and a good place for outdoorsy stuff.
The gorgeous grounds, the rich history, the academic prestige and close-knit community-all were a great fit for us.
How rugged the pioneers must have been to conquer this gorgeous but inhospitable terrain.
People are friendly, and for much of the year the weather is gorgeous.
It's a gorgeous coffee-table tome, perhaps better browsed than read.
Lord knows you'll see it as gorgeous even though others may see a beer-stained dumpster candidate.
They will have alumni who'll write checks to create endowed chairs and gorgeous buildings.
Skydiving makes a natural fit for the locale, as well as providing a great way to view the area's gorgeous topography.
Visitors rave about the gorgeous wildflowers and uncommon combination of wildlife.
We set out early, walking first along the river and then into the historic center of this gorgeous brick town.
You'll want to mix up a pitcher of this bubbly drink for its gorgeous ruby hue alone.
Here, it enhances the earthy flavor of skillet-fried potatoes and gives them a gorgeous silkiness and golden-crisp edges.
Now there are all these gorgeous stores on the plaza, and it looks amazing.
It's an awe-inspiring feat of human engineering, and the surroundings are gorgeous.
Sorry to start this gorgeous summer day on an exceedingly somber note, but it's time to talk suicide.
Its gorgeous harmonic tensions make it an instantly recognizable, accessible staple of high-school and professional choirs alike.
The problem is that while the former is in gorgeous evidence, the latter are nowhere to be found.
It has to do with the display of stunning skills and gorgeous bodies, the devotion, and the drive.
His voice is a gorgeous instrument, mellifluous even when he's yelling, which he does an awful lot.
The city has been rewarded with some gorgeous performances.
The hotel boasts a gorgeous pool area, where guests can relax and dine.
Not all of them are gorgeous, and not all of them are news-breaking, but an awful lot are really cool but don't get any press.
But the video's loaded with gorgeous, sensuous astronomical skyscapes as well.
Her bags are gorgeous, green as can be, and totally affordable.
Ultraviolet light from that star then lights up the surrounding gas, making these gorgeous nebulae.
The interiors of the churches are filled with gorgeous artwork.
The audio is gorgeous, the weapons copious and diverse, the levels huge and complex.
It's gorgeous and sun-lit, with exposed brick and rich wood floors.
Many restaurants offer outdoor dining overlooking the gorgeous views of the river and downtown.
Along the way, one can see gorgeous historic buildings and houses that have been preserved and restored.

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