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Example sentences for gorged

He found that they gorged on seals in the spring and early summer, before breakup, then retreated to land as the ice melted.
From one book to the next, characters gorged on them.
With few retail deposits to speak of, the firm gorged on long-term debt and commercial paper to fund its lending.
Rust goblins gorged on its lithe body and undercarriage even in dry climates.
Impalas and zebras graze on the rain-gorged pastures, and a civet scurries away.
You've given generously to the casinos, gorged on their food and overdosed on their glitz.
While the top of our readership gorged, here was a direct way for us to grab some of the crumbs.
More thana few brook trout stomachs which have been examined over the years have been gorged with isopods.
They will first focus on the oldest eaglet, and they will feed it until it is gorged and literally cannot move.
It is common humor among commercial real estate appraisers that a gorged report is sold by the pound.
He felt the cows had gorged on the feed and drank water and died from the resulting pressure and expansion.

Famous quotes containing the word gorged

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