gored in a sentence

Example sentences for gored

Gored players relinquish their bravery points for that round and are removed from the board, but return for the next section.
The bull is huge, his horns no ornament, his harem his alone because he's gored the only slightly less impressive opposition.
Pundits left and right switch sides with barely a blush, depending on whose president is being gored.
Those who didn't pay strict attention were gored, trampled, or eaten.
People who get too close to them may be gored by antlers and horns, trampled by hooves, or bitten by sharp teeth.
Every year visitors are gored and some have been killed.
Emigrants were also stepped on, gored, and kicked by animals.
She was forty-eight when she was gored by the milk cow.
If the vaquero missed, the cowboy could be dragged from his horse or the horse badly gored.
Gored skirt: have vertical seams all the way from the waistline to the hem.

Famous quotes containing the word gored

I see my reputation is at stake, My fame is shrewdly gored.... more
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