gore in a sentence

Example sentences for gore

Various vultures have featherless necks, presumably to stop the blood and gore from their meals matting their plumage.
Instead of the old, stiff gore wind stopper material, this is light and flexible.
Game makers, however, seem to thumb their noses and amp up the virtual gore.
Of course, there's a lot of technology behind all that gore.
Many visitors were overwhelmed horrific gore, and the thousands dead or dying.
The stepped up censorship tends to focus more on blood and gore than people beating each other up.
The audience will become surfeited with gore, with bad stories.
Gore's committees also set up the auctions of underused radio spectra to allow for the growth of cell phone bandwidth.

Famous quotes containing the word gore

The drying up a single tear has more Of honest fame than shedding seas of gore.... more
A prudent cuckold (and there are many such at Paris) pockets his horns, when he cannot gore with them; and ... more
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