goop in a sentence

Example sentences for goop

The resulting goop is used for many things-food processing, cosmetics, and such.
As the foot goes into the goop with toes spread, it makes the initial footprint.
First, you will get a build-up of goop and foreign objects in your sink drain.
Those at a distance still die but their goop isn't vaporized.
Scale up your bacterial flagellum to the size of your outboard motor, and the whole thing would collapse into a puddle of goop.
We all enter this world accompanied by a lot of slimy goop.
He ended up with mysterious really disgusting goop on his hand.
But, if you could get past the slightly sour and harsh flavor of the goop, you might be able to enjoy the satiny texture.
Of particular interest are the large sticky buds that ooze a white goop.
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