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Example sentences for goofy

How goofy to imply that they would prefer lesser educated teachers.
As far as your denier issues, goofy websites with bias are not proof of anything.
Loud, goofy music playing was one of the best methods of self-soothing.
And wear those goofy minimalist shoes while you're at it.
Sometimes things didn't work out at all and all you had at the end of the day was your goofy friends, and maybe that was enough.
And nowadays, he'd probably be puttering around with motherboards and high-speed modems instead of all those goofy radio parts.
TV medical shows can be pretty goofy, especially when you're a surgeon.
Crane earning rave reviews for play, goofy online videos.
Here, guests get goofy, play games and try their hardest to make each other laugh.
But there is one trick that needs no goofy name or hyperactive introduction.
These days, startups take the lazy way out: they choose goofy-sounding nonsense words.
Thanks for all the entries of some really goofy ducks.
If you ride with your right foot forward, you have what's called a goofy stance.
The name was appropriate, what with that goofy-looking mouth.
Rotating clockwise for a regular-footed snowboarder or rotating counter-clockwise for a goofy-footed snowboarder.

Famous quotes containing the word goofy

Once you've been launched into parenthood, you'll need all your best skills, self-control, good judgment and patience. B... more
We want a president who is as much like an American tourist as possible. Someone with the same goofy grin, ... more
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