goodbye in a sentence

Example sentences for goodbye

Then, after two kisses goodbye at the schoolhouse door, she heads back home to work.
Say goodbye to fumbling with your map, having to take off your pack to get it out and have it exposed to the elements.
Yah, ridiculous when the alternative is to simply kiss the species goodbye.
We get things done in two or three hours and then it's goodbye.
They can kiss any more predictions from seismologists goodbye.
Further, much larger amounts of land would have to be cultivated so say goodbye to any nearby forests or open spaces.
Eventual tie-in with loyalty cards means saying goodbye to myriad stamp cards.
And so goodbye high fructose corn syrup, hello corn sugar.
Say goodbye to traffic jams and keep your car for occasional necessary long runs.
Her children and many of her grandchildren were able to say goodbye.
She kept her faculties to the end and could say goodbye to us.
Research has also shown that kids do better with a short goodbye than with a long-drawn-out one.
Otherwise, they revoke your degree and you can kiss your chances on the job market goodbye.
The guy delivering firewood to my house during this out-of-body experience didn't even say goodbye.
If you complain or appeal, they label you a trouble maker and you can really kiss your career goodbye.
Any hesitation on their part and they can kiss it all goodbye.
Yes, saying goodbye to a cherished leader can be a bittersweet experience.
But the unofficial agenda is, simply, a presidential goodbye.
As many of you know, it is time for me to say goodbye.
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