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We successfully moved the rooster to a friend's yard where he lived a good life.
The chief part of them they think doth come of the exercise of virtue, and conscience of good life.
The exchange of talent for the good life made for an extraordinarily productive relationship between the state and the scientists.
But, they're not the only little ones living the good life.
Decades of good decisions can build the good life at work, too.
But even if you're scraping by on a serf's salary, it's possible to live the good life within your means.
It does not include aspects of the good life such as some leisure activities.
Those who prefer inflation to default prefer that their children pay their debts while they continue to life the good life.
They want to enjoy a good life financed by other people.
She already has a good life and a successful career.
May the good life he lived continue to be an inspiration for us each day.
At this point, though, that's good life advice but not good test advice to a student facing the test in a few months.
We are hopeful that this will merely have been a tough year in a long and good life.
But it's a good life even if you don't go on to become a full-time tenure tracked professor.
In all honesty, you could have a good life in both places, and the money would go a similar distance.
Visiting their houses and country homes offers a glimpse into the good life.
Their hearts are filled with the same longing for a good life.
The pace is slow but fast enough for prosperity and a good life.
Some people aren't good at school, but oftentimes they have other skills that they can use to make a good life.
Science is not trying to get rid of what ever people use as a guide to live a good life.
Lastly, pleasure and motivation are central to living, and especially central to living a good life.
Small wonder that bathtubs and heating systems and similar apparatus play such a large part in his conception of the good life.
And besides, he felt that the really good life must be oriented toward something or someone.
He talked about leading a good life, doing good things for the world.
It said to them: you can capture the good life with the press of a button.
People came here to make money and enjoy the good life.
Besides all this, his good life has given him much of his hold upon the country at large.
Their message-that a good life can be had outside baseball-comes off as a dim and high-minded consolation prize.
Their message-that a good life can be had outside baseball--comes off as a dim and high-minded consolation prize.
Most of the parents you know want to give their kids a good life and help any way they can.
The goal of social systems is to provide good life for the people.
And getting paid enough to live on to do work you enjoy is the foundation of a good life.
It is also an image that appeals to moralists who distrust the good life anyway, even when they take it for granted.
Science, he insists, will someday show us the way to the good life.
But the good life, financed with growing debt, was limited to the evening hours.
Despite being in demand, he often found himself in debt the was a poor manager of money who enjoyed luxury and the good life.
Hardworking and hopeful, they take life as it comes and try to give their kids a good life.
Having a good life means different things to different people.

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