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On a good day, an experienced fossil excavator might uncover only a few inches of skeleton.
Look at the article as a whole, imagine the chaos reference isn't there, and have a good day.
Have a good day and please try to be more courteous in your exchanges.
No matter how bad your day is, if you come home to a new species of fly, it is a good day.
Have a good day and don't let people who do not understand ruffle any feathers.
Chief among these is the realization that every day is a good day to apply for an adjunct job.
The tear was so large that you could easily see a good third of the back of her underwear on a good day.
It's easy, since this place-the library-is crowded, packing in the equivalent of a fourth of the student population on a good day.
On a good day, she might write a grammatical sentence, provided that there were no confusing adjectives or adverbs.
He does a good day's work who rids himself of a fool.
Technically he could have done it-maybe, on a good day in perfect conditions.
Backcountry paddling routes are limited, but there are many good day-trip options.
So nobody's deciding whether it's a good day to forage.
Still, another good day despite the scanning machine and a horde of mosquitoes attacking us in the late afternoon.
It's been a good day, enlivened by another two-hour encounter with a group of fearless chimps.
On a good day, the gains can add up to half a million dollars.
On a good day, he said, he made two and a half or three dollars.
If his voice was having a good day-and he'd occasionally have good days-he'd take note of his surroundings.
On a good day, one merely wastes too much time in the car.
On a good day, when all is right with the world, they are one more cause for cheer.
By all accounts, today was a good day for this squad: there were no casualties.
The day personal responsibility was replaced with corporate was not a good day for humanity.
Even on a good day you are confused so one understands your extreme confusion now.
Good day for the rebels but the celebrations are a little too early.
The teacher said she'd had a good day, and she was fine when she sat down to play.
Today was a good day for us but the big points are tomorrow.
It is opposed to the incoming of persons of such poor physique that they cannot support themselves by a good day's work.
Today's a good day to do something extremely creative.
It's a good day to create a revolutionary marketing plan.
They say a bad day on the river is better than a good day at the office.
As a result, it takes a couple of minutes to download, even with a broadband connection on a good day.
Anglers report slow fishing success with an occasional good day.
Good day and thank you for the opportunity to be here.
He said that on a good day he could lift twenty pounds comfortably, but on a bad day he did not want to get out of bed.

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