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Example sentences for good nature

He had long arms, large hands, and immense good nature.
It is no small grief to a good nature to try his friends.
All other knowledge is hurtful to him who has not the science of honesty and good nature.
Drawing upon their fundamental good nature and genuine pride in themselves as representatives of a group made a difference.
One second he is beaming, his big face glowing with good nature, and the next he is the personification of wrath.
His simplicity, however, and his good nature carry in them perils for an executive.
If it does not, they will bring new life to make good nature's lack.
No amount of good nature or cunning calculations will prevent this encounter.
The delightful talk, the serene good nature, the revelation of the artistic nature-it's all wonderfully fine.
However, there are many people looking to exploit the senior citizens' good nature.
Linda's good nature and good humor continue to make it a pleasure to work with her more than two decades later.
The creditors had taken everything except her smile, her good nature, and her optimism--and her clean floors.

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