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Example sentences for gonna

Now it's gonna be good food and we're going to get it to you.
But that's not gonna stop the military from obsessing over them anyway.
Definitely gonna be a strong anti-population meme coming on soon.
Not gonna happen though because we're a foolish species with no self-control.
Changes in rainfall aren't gonna matter a butterfly's fart to undersea fault lines.
Of course in anything that any company does there are gonna the complainer's that swear somethings wrong when its not.
Don't you know it's gonna be all right all right, all right.
If you meddle with it you're only gonna make it worse.
There was some speculation about the knee, and whether it was gonna hold up.
And secondly, a lot is gonna happen between now and the nominating process.
Because the game's gonna be here a long time after you, and it's been here a long time before you.
You're gonna have to study them, you're gonna have to know them.
And what we're seeing is that that isn't gonna work on its own, it has never worked on its own.
But when you look at the drag dynamics on the v shape of an aircraft carrier, it's gonna want to do that.
Dec this is where you will search for the four points of the square were gonna make.
Issuing a press release saying, essentially, we're all gonna die means they should do some due diligence.
We're gonna have to get off our butts, work up enough cash to set up a place in a different gravity well and support ourselves.
Not gonna tell you to open your mind or your wallet.
That's what corruption is-when you're too exhausted, you're gonna go with your weakness.
Monsters are coming, but first there's gonna be a sea monster.
We really didn't tell the kids what was gonna happen.
But it's gonna be good food, and we're gonna get it to you.
If you gonna get high, you gonna get caught, and then you got so much to lose.
They gonna pay or my name ain't what it is, my pop name wasn't what it was, they gonna pay.

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