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She underwent a round of chemotherapy that nauseated her and caused her hair to fall out, but the cancer had gone away.
Suddenly, because they got the oil well capped everybody thinks the problem's gone away.
It should have gone away, but thousands of fans still use it and keep its applications current.
But the controversy hasn't gone away, as his findings began to be investigated in laboratories around the world.
Although the restraining order has gone away, it doesn't mean the students are completely in the clear.
Then you parents notice the expected side-effects have not gone away.
Ten years later, many of them are suffering from health problems that still haven't gone away.
He became more dazed and confused during an illness, and some new problems popped up that have not completely gone away.
Of course, the dream of making humanoid robots has not gone away.
The general non-interventionist impulse on the right has never completely gone away.
Ridiculous or not, that notion created an us-against-the-world ethos that hasn't gone away, despite the company's success.
As many others have already remarked, those tenure-track jobs have gone away and likely aren't coming back.
The gap between spot and contract prices has not gone away.
Your correspondent has blinked twice since then, but the claim has not gone away.
But talk of the world needing a policeman has not gone away.
Yet the dream of mining the mineral wealth of the deep has never gone away.
Trident's boosters reply that the reasons for having it have not gone away.
The panel were split on whether the economic imbalances had gone away.
The question that has hung over the industry for months, whether still more capital will be needed, has not gone away.
The underlining issues within the conflict and the violence that accompanied it has never gone away.
The split between the dream and the reality is an old one and it has not gone away.
Even from the days of your fathers ye are gone away from mine ordinances, and have not kept them.
Ned has gone, he's gone away, he's gone away for good.
It has itched and squirmed with life and now it is night and the life has all gone away.
Although the owners have gone away, one does not feel the abandonment, the desolation of war.
In the evening she went out of the house until she was sure he had taken the wood to her room and gone away.
Symptoms may linger even after the migraine has gone away.
More often, doctors wait to implant the prosthesis until the infection has gone away.
In an age of space travel, anyone with the wherewithal has presumably gone away.
Antibiotics taken by mouth may be continued until tests show that the bacteria have gone away.
Consider wearing sandals until the problem has gone away.
Sometimes the symptoms of bronchitis do not appear until the viral infection has gone away.
Your doctor may recommend stopping the medicine at different times to see if the bedwetting has gone away.
Most of the other boys had gone away by an early train and the school was nearly empty.
But if the big bands will never come back, they've never completely gone away, either.
The health care provider may also recommend low-dose antibiotics after the first symptoms have gone away.
Money market mutual funds haven't gone away, but they have undergone some changes recently, and more may be on the way.
The weather is often warm and pleasant, and the biting insects have mostly gone away.
The rash usually does not itch and can appear as the chancre is healing or several weeks after the chancre has gone away.
Moreover, treating abnormalities that would have gone away on their own can cause needless emotional distress.
With the use of computers for modeling, the need to simplify calculations has gone away to some extent.
Or they may feel powerless, angry, and have a sense that their expectations for helping others have gone away.

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