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By eight months the preference was no longer pronounced, and in adults it was gone altogether.
In the present case, however, things have gone a little too far.
With that gone, it seemed as if the old days must be gone too, never to return.
It has itched and squirmed with life and now it is night and the life has all gone away.
The whispered tales concerning her that had gone about town gave him confidence.
People with her condition historically haven't gone to college and often have difficulty graduating from high school.
Cancer treatment has as much to do with access to medical care as it does with the etiology of cells gone awry.
We all know no work is getting done, because everyone else is gone already and no one is starting anything new.
Admittedly, there is a pile of evidence to support the idea that universities have gone corporate.
And the chance for them to graduate in a reasonable amount of time is already gone.
And those, notably junior faculty, who believe that things have gone wrong tend to stay silent.
He added, however, that few students from his program have actually gone into bachelor-of-fine-arts programs in college.
The first, at right, is a pea or bean pyramid made from pruned branches that otherwise would have gone into the fire.
And you'll have it to yourself now that summer crowds are gone, with the bonus of cooler temps.
Cats and failures highlight this list of the memes that have gone mainstream.
Many people have gone through disfiguring surgeries and have experienced chronic pain due to the surgery.
But the people are long gone, and the places don't show up on any modern road maps.
With gentle tenacity, she pried loose memories of long-gone ancestors from elderly villagers.
Or a grocer's glove with sensors that integrate temperature, smell and vision to determine if produce has gone bad.
In the new game, four real people have gone on the run, and it is the job of the public to find them.
Any units still in warehouses will remain on sale until they're gone.
It's that an important component of the forest is gone.
Vast fortunes have come and gone throughout the ages, but they have usually taken a while to squander.
Were it not for equally despised laws preventing companies from delisting their shares, many foreigners would be gone in a moment.
Despite their scale, each of the jets had come and gone within less than half a second.
To boldly go where no one has gone before, one group of scientists didn't have to venture into space.
He looked back, and seeing she was gone, made a wide circle and came back to a neighboring tree.
The coelacanth was thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs.
The big trees were all gone, cut by a timber company.
Some say its glory days are long gone, but the universe has life in it yet.
Ninety-five percent of the universe has gone missing.
Apply once a week for about a month and they should be gone.
We have gone crazy with pesticides killing insects that are the food source for these creatures.
Without modern insulation they would have gone delirious and died of hypothermia before getting close.
The paint may have been used for body adornment or for long-gone artwork.
Or they'll believe more fervently that they got a slot machine that had simply gone cold, offering them no chance to win.
Whether peering into deep space or checking on human activity, spacecraft and satellites from days gone by are still on the job.
Once the last piece of machinery was gone, the throng moved to folding chairs set up around a fenced ring inside the barn.
Gone are the days of rubbery chicken nuggets and fries.
The moose have gone back of the timber line, and the bears are out of hibernation.
The meat itself is transformed-the natural oiliness is gone but the flavor has become even more intense.
My grandparents, gone but never forgotten, reappear frequently.
But once he overcame the challenge of getting mangosteens to bear, the thrill was gone.
But the oppressive orthodoxies of nouvelle cuisine concentrate and epitomize much that has gone wrong.
With the wiring pulled out and the light switches gone in the bedroom, repairs will cost more than the house is worth.
My impetus was the knowledge that eventually my sons would be grown and gone.
The bright-blond thatch of hair is long gone, replaced by the tangled beard of a prophet.
He wasn't sure why he was there, why they'd gone over to this part of the city.
Tell her on the twenty-seventh, once they'd gone down to the country.
Goat gone feral comes in where the fence is open comes in and makes hay and nips the tree seedlings.
Somebody way back yonder-which is dead and gone now-visualized it.
He himself had gone five for five twice before in his sixteen-year career.
Having seen how too many deliveries had gone, she was mainly afraid of losing her ability to control what was done to her.
Genetically modified crops have quickly gone from farmer's best friend to profit killer.
No more cables period telephone poles which carry electricity gone, underground electricity cables gone.
Even the cash-strapped airline industry has gone ticketless, removing huge labor and overhead costs.
The effect lasted for several hours, and was completely gone after a day.
Another year has come and nearly gone, leaving our technological world all the richer and more confounding.
The dinosaurs are long gone, but their tracks remain, telling strange tales of where the creatures went and how they lived.
It might be gone, but it has put a scar on their immune system.
He had gone to counseling off and on for all three years he attended.
And sometimes it has gone off the deep end, funding such things as psychic spies and weapons that defy the laws of physics.
It's probably no coincidence that the northern elephant seal has also recently gone through a similar bottleneck.
Gone are the days of photographic plates that recorded the sky snapshot by painstaking snapshot.
Anyone who has gone to pick someone up at the airport knows that planes don't always land at their scheduled times.
We can't show that tornadoes have gone up, or gotten worse.
The ancient evidence of liquid water suggests that the planet once had a dense atmosphere, which is now long gone.
Weeks later, a final ultrasound showed that the sac was gone as well.
But when a species dies, an item of natural uniqueness is gone forever.
They have gone from enduring several firefights a day to week-long stretches of absolute quiet.
Clearly, one league of super-yacht owners were gone.
Our best minds have gone into financial engineering instead of real engineering, with catastrophic results for both sectors.
Fifty percent of those who begin teaching are gone within five years.
Gone is her dull administrative job, her mousy wardrobe, her downer of a roommate.
And there have been hedge funds that have been using leverage excessively and some of those have gone broke.
Fortunately, human sociobiology has not gone unchallenged.

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