golly in a sentence

Example sentences for golly

These type of gee-golly articles do little to further the cause of sustainability.
And, golly, they even invented toilets that don't need paper.
Much of the data might be mistaken or fraudulent, but by golly it's right here in this computer.
When she sees a beach, by golly, she throws off her shoes and goes dancing.
It's a ponderous, toned-down golly-gee-whiz performance.
No, no one's knickers got into a twist until it came to contraception golly.

Famous quotes containing the word golly

The United States is a republic, and a republic is a state in which the people are the boss. That means us. And if the b... more
Lars Jorgensen: It's this country killed my boy. Yes, by golly, I tell you Ethan— Mrs. Jorgensen: Now Lar... more
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