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Never stop in the middle of a tennis or golf match and complain of a lame ankle, especially if you are losing.
Or you can react rationally and not play golf in a lightning storm.
Then you play a round of miniature golf with new friends you've made on the trip.
Others head out for a round of golf or a game of hoops.
It was the size of a golf ball and it was in the ground under the straw.
Miniature golf can be a lot of fun, and it is even better if the course is decorated with dinosaurs.
Presidents need relaxation, whether playing golf or clearing brush.
His golf swing appears as a tangled, incredibly complicated white line in the gloom, a spaghetti dinner of light.
They're not hidden under plants or buildings or miniature golf courses.
There is a lot of science and experience involved in being a good sports turf manager or golf course superintendent today.
Frozen dog dirt stipples the tundra of the golf course.
The flat lower terrace is now a golf course, and on the cliff above people have built expensive homes.
The alternative, he insists, is condos and golf courses.
Residents take enormous pride in their golf cart rides, many of which are electric.
On the site, he applied to build a golf course and shops-some of them over the bog.
Whatever protesters say, owners cannot build golf courses on a whim.
And the delegates discussed boosting the tourist industry by allowing more foreign investment in golf courses and marinas.
Also, since both of his children have taken up golf, he selflessly plays with them at weekends.
It also explains why fashion shows and golf matches take place to the sound of sputtering gunfire.
The project is situated on a plot of land, adjacent to the campus, that was once a golf course.
And of the four entertainment questions, one is on golf.
The grand-jury presentment describes the gifts that many of the victims received, ranging from golf clubs to computers and cash.
Playing virtual tennis and golf maintains his arm strength and prevents boredom.
As good as his golf game has been mechanically over the years, what really set him apart was his mental toughness.
Blood seeped from a golf ball-sized hole in his leg.
They were glorified golf carts, some people complained.
Anyone who has ridden in a golf cart has experienced it.
The so-called superstar effect was strongest among the top-ranked players who were directly competing against the golf legend.
Of course, even if seniors are able to sock enough away, retiring to a beach or a golf course isn't for everyone.
There are two strategies for winning at serious golf.
Woods was two when his father put a golf club in his hands.
We are talking about a luxury sports car, with real driving characteristics, not a golf cart.
It gives car designers more flexibility for everything from golf carts to locomotives.
If your vacation plans for next year include a crowded beach and a mobbed golf course, you may want to reconsider.
Indeed, if a pill contained only natural ingredients, it would be the size of a golf ball.
To practice golf you must practice under pressure and simulate what you will encounter on the course.
The same holds true for a range of goals-from improving a golf swing to giving a good presentation.
We have plants and vegetation growing year round here and people live near golf courses such as the highly educated types.
Golf courses, swimming pools and green lawns are not sustainable-especially in the desert.
The hot spots ranged in size from that of a football field to an area the size of an entire golf course.
They are about the size of golf carts and this is more car-sized.
He also notes that many attacks occur on golf courses.
Once ashore, you can explore the island easily by foot or via a rented bike or golf cart.
Other sites within the park offer golf and even places for flying model airplanes.
Combination beach resort, golf course, and future casino on historic island.
For hundreds of years eyewitnesses have reported brief encounters with the golf ball- to tennis ball-size orbs of electricity.
Writer describes a plush puffin golf club head cover he was given by his brother.
The crows at my golf course know me, and wait for my handout of peanuts.
If the nucleus of a hydrogen atom was the size of a football field, a quark would be the size of a golf ball.
The best way to think of the keyhole is to think of your local mini-golf place.
Seriously wild and zany pictures of guys and their golf pants.
And this facility provides great public golf for all players.
But what's fascinating is what's next for professional golf.
Visit any public or private golf course, any day of the week, and you'll spot the same things.
Everyone who plays golf is something of a closet geek.
She helped golf a lot, helped golf become famous, and she helped a lot of juniors playing golf.

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