golden age in a sentence

Example sentences for golden age

The thirteenth century is, emphatically, the golden age of the monastic historians.
He is in many ways a throwback to the golden age of the gentleman explorer, one of the last of that peripatetic breed.
Dozier began work as a screenwriter during the golden age of television.
It was a period of peace and prosperity, the kingdom's golden age.
All this sounds as though a golden age for universities has arrived.
But there was no golden age of co-operation, whatever some retired mafiosos might now say.
Their wider availability makes sense in an era that might well turn out to be a golden age of short-form moviemaking.
Whatever nostalgists think, there was never a golden age when students did all their work and attended every lecture.

Famous quotes containing the word golden age

I would with such perfection govern, sir, T'excel the golden age.... more
Firm in our beliefs without dismay, In any game the nations want to play. A golden age of poetry and power ... more
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