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If you're going to splurge, consider something custom-designed, such as a light fixture.
And you could take cuttings and keep it going that way if its not a plant you find in your nurseries.
And it looks as though our saffron crocuses, which failed totally last year, are finally going to blossom.
But the overall message is that typically there is a big payoff to going to college.
It's odd not to have them, because that means you're not going to conferences where all the good discussions take place.
However, finding an available office for me was tough going, even for my motivated dean.
It flips on in a second, so there's no big production of opening a lid and going online.
Electricity prices are going up at a time when offices are becoming cluttered with ever more power-draining electronic equipment.
If financial executives are going to behave as parasites, they should be shamed as parasites.
If a student is going to borrow, it is generally better to go through the government.
Everywhere good businesses are going bankrupt and jobs are being destroyed.
Many people choose business studies precisely because they don't have a lot going on upstairs.
All along the way it's going to be informed by experts in the area as well as the general public.
The downside: by going deeper it will take another two months.
We're going to incorporate those targets in our next five-year plans.
Similarly, the chances are that they're going somewhere to get something.
If you were going to move to a foreign country, you'd probably make an effort to learn the language.
You're not going to build more conventional coal-fired power plants.
Some customers complained of the horns going off in the middle of the night.
The ground computer decides it's not going anywhere, thank you.
Whatever your intuition then tells you is almost certainly going to be the best choice.
People want the group experience, the sense of going out and participating in a film together.
The adult giraffes pause and regard us nonchalantly before going back to their browsing.
The old days in which a manager was willing to put on a play for a few nights were going fast, and with them went our early drama.
The mayor is going to deliver a speech is a perfectly intelligible proposition.
While these changes are going on, a sac is formed around each enamel organ from the surrounding mesodermal tissue.
It must be done by all of us going forward with a program aimed at reaching a balanced budget.
The outcome of that race will determine how bad global warming is going to get.
That's enough oil to keep a million cars going for twelve months.
It's understanding how people and places interact, where things come from, and where we're going.
It's the only way you are going to be able to get pictures of it.
If you don't care enough to write a proposal, you're not going to care enough to take care of what comes from it.
We thought the area was protected, but the logging companies are going to keep cutting.
Briefly review where the expedition was going, and why.
Yahoo has said that it kept both services going after the acquisition because they appealed to different audiences.
And we're going to have people power defeat money power in the next six months.
Those going on to graduate school, as upwards of half will, can end up facing twice that.
The way he's campaigning is not going to appeal to them.
And the liner going full speed stands a better chance of avoiding collision than she does on reduced speed.
In my opinion, the first system is probably going to best maximize productivity.
In addition to the economic upheaval, traditional print media is going to suffer from cognitive changes.
Going out for tea no longer means choosing between a bubble-tea parlor and a tea bag from a coffee chain.
It's uncertainty about whether the economic recovery is going to stick.
She didn't look into his eyes, and she drank only a tiny sip before going into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of water.
Mobile versions appear to be in the works, going by seeing tweets about the company hiring mobile developers.
Demand for data storage keeps going up, even while consumers expect the cost per bit to keep going down.
Some people are saying that there's a lot of noise and a lot of them are going to fail.
And as near as anybody could tell, things were only going to get worse.
Peak use hours extend until the time that people start going to bed.
Essentially, it's the next major communications standard, and it's going to make everything faster.
We're interested in the hardware that's actually going into orbit and beyond.
Several people are going over them, and so far they appear legit.
Four scientists discuss where the climate is and where it's going.
They want to hear more about what you're going to cure.
It wouldn't happen for a long time in the future, and you never know what's going to happen.
Both have large, rectangular bars going across their centers.
The plane going toward the west is moving against it.
If we're ever going to have a chance of using these compounds, we're going to have to make them synthetically.
When you're personally successful, you tend to think that things are going well.
But she does not give him a course to follow, and she certainly does not spare him the anguish he has been going through.
He felt angry with himself for going along with the way the system worked.
You're going to worry about what your eyebrow is doing.
In this last one, she definitely took a beating at times, going through some walls.
Going out was a performance and would be recorded in every paper.
For some people, going card-free is a way of going green.
We want to know what they're saying, what they're wearing, where they're going and whom they're with.
To find out more about what you can do to go green while going back to school check out our healthy school resources.
It's so historic and you never know who you're going to run into there.
Going inside the body really relates to our idea that going to a hospital is scary.

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