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Example sentences for goggles

Prescription goggles have solved the problem of swimming with bad eyesight and they're surprisingly inexpensive.
The wasteland is filmed on the run, under the grainy murk that you get from night-vision goggles.
Even a good set of goggles is only one or two of your senses.
First she had volunteers put on goggles fitted with video screens for lenses.
She outfitted her robins with somewhat unflattering goggles, with clear foil on one side and frosted foil on the other.
It's not acupressure, fruit flies, or goggles of any sort.
Make sure that you have your gloves, goggles, hat and any other items you may have removed while riding.
Jockeys wear helmets and some put on goggles to protect their eyes during a run.
He was carrying a pistol, samurai sword, night-vision goggles and a map.
They wore scarves around their faces, large goggles and masks.
In this case, that means he dreams of flying--and wears an aviator hat and goggles to prove it.
The water bottle pocket is also a good place to keep ski goggles when not in use.
Wearing only shorts and goggles, the pair used queen bees they'd raised to attract other bees.
Both are wearing headsets, with special goggles, the scientist's containing small film cameras.
The doctor may ask you to wear a pair of goggles that magnify your eyes for part of the examination.
In some situations, masks and goggles may be useful for preventing the spread of the disease.
Soon she had placed a gas mask and goggles over her pink veil to fend off the tear gas.
She took off her goggles and spat inside them because they had misted up.
The system can be used to test goggles, weapon sights and drivers viewers.
Pilot distance estimation with unaided vision, night-vision goggles and infrared imagery.
Its purpose is to subject the used safety goggles to lethal levels, for bacteria, of ultraviolet radiation.
Goggles that do not have ventilation holes are recommended.
Safety goggles or eye protection in combination with breathing protection.

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