goalie in a sentence

Example sentences for goalie

All you have to do is run down the field, without dropping it or allowing it to be knocked down, and flip it past the goalie.
But of course, no trainer would make such a promise to one goalie since it would be too great a disincentive to the others.
The hockey and goalie sticks, shafts and blades come in various shapes, sizes and colors.
Officials have been requested to be realistic and fair with regard to goalie contact from offensive players.
The goalkeeper must wear a goalie shirt different then jersey worn by either team.
Two defensive players are positioned rearward to protect the goalie.
Let's say you're a hockey goalie trying to stop a puck flying at you at high speed.
His head met the ball and the ball flew past the goalie.
In the twenty one games the team has played, the combination of the defense and goalie have only allowed nine goals.
Also, make sure that the goalie protects the ball with her entire body when she stops a low shot on the ground.
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