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How they achieve those goals, what to tax and what to cut, should be no one else's business.
Setting your mind on a goal may be counterproductive.
The center's near-term goal is to make cheetahs self-sustaining in captivity.
Then Kenny scores an impressive goal and quickly begins to love the game.
The goal was to create a destination at the end of an adventure, he says.
Having clear goals in each of your life roles is essential to establishing some sort of equilibrium.
The goal is to create a healthier, more energy-efficient cooking apparatus that these villagers will accept and use.
To keep ants from reaching their goal, encircle tree trunks with sticky bands for several weeks.
Chicago has set itself the lofty goal of becoming the greenest city in America.
While officially nonpartisan, Western organizations make no secret of their allegiances and goals, he shows.
The goal was to turn the area into a larger, more useful space for gathering and entertaining.
The goal was to have a compact home with flexible spaces for gathering.
It is our goal to one day remove our high maintenance water-consuming lawn and replace it with something else.
The high-heat, short-order cook's approach to scrambling eggs doesn't work here because the goal is creamy softness.
Her goal was to turn her twin interests, travel and development work, into a career.
The engineers' goal was to determine whether the so-called stealth fighter was truly radar resistant.
The goal was to expose the practice on the animal rights group's weekly television show.
Her determined goal each year is to ensure a fair, fun, and inspiring experience for the geographic students.
Decoding the platypus genome has long been an important goal for biologists seeking to understand the origins of mammal evolution.
The marine biologist says his research goal is to understand how animals sense their environment.
The goal is to make her a submissive working elephant.
The goal of the museum is to clean and stabilize the flag in order to preserve its history.
To accomplish this goal, the organization focused on traditional athletics, but also on other activities.
One map shows it splitting the goal posts in the north end zone.
The primary goal is to open ports to vessels capable of carrying the enormous amounts of relief supplies headed into the region.
To meet that goal, herds have been radically reduced.
Then you write about everything on your personal blog, where your goal is to raise traffic and collect cash from sponsors.
Our goal is to pin down the corners of the plausible futures.
The overall goal is to project an image of party unity, a ritual coming together following an often divisive primary campaign.
For a short window of time it was a free-for-all, as people worked shoulder to shoulder toward the same goal--gold.
My goal was to make the audience laugh but leave them unable to describe what it was that had made them laugh.
Its goal is to advance science through research underwater.
His goal is not to indict-he doesn't identify the polluters by name-but to raise public awareness about the costs of our choices.
The goal of the project is not to create a living dinosaur but to understand how evolution works.
The goal is to locate a monkey that isn't busy doing something else and isn't distracted by other monkeys.
The goal is not eradication, which few believe possible, but control.
While the program has gone well, there is growing doubt that the eradication goal can be reached this year.
Though he's modest about his accomplishments, it's clear that when he sets a goal, he generally gets there.
The goal, of course, is to see where their eyes move and where they linger and then devise ways to get them to linger longer.
My main goal is to be the voice of my great-grandfather, straighten up all the myths and explain who he really was.
Their goal is to complete the work this summer and launch it as a luxury boutique hotel not long after that.
Researchers nudge closer to the goal of quantum computing.
The goal is to thoroughly challenge any new paving techniques and see how the road surface holds up.
The goal of building a safe artificial heart has frustrated bioengineers for more than four decades.
The snail had now considered every possible method of reaching his goal without going round the dead leaf or climbing over it.
Common welfare is the goal of our national endeavor.
To a hidden invisible goal the freightage of numberless lives.
The government's goal of achieving strong growth while reducing the debt burden is likely to create inflationary pressures.
Its ultimate goal is to make diversity a principle of the same standing as freedom and equality in our national life.
Provides leadership through effective goal setting, delegation, and communication.
The goal of that pilot program is to graduate half the students within three years.
We haven't heard much about that goal recently, perhaps as economic realities impressed themselves on the administration.
Our goal is simple: become one of the nation's great research universities.
They are there for a variety of reasons, in many cases not with the goal of attaining a four-year degree.
Sure, the primary goal of any job search is to find a job.
Seeing someone else achieve a goal may make you less likely to achieve your own.
Try and find a goal that makes you happy, but which also does not appear to help secure one of these two goals.
It would require a central bank repeatedly to alter its goal for future inflation as prices deviated from the desired path.
Horrified by the team's lack of ambition, she sets it the goal of reaching the high-school championships.
The goal instead is to release the chiles' natural flavor and aroma.
Our basic goal is to encourage constructive change, and that remains a real challenge.
Your goal is to develop an even, nicely browned surface without scorching.
The main goal of this book is to inspire and excite people.
The problem is not division but partisanship-advantage-seeking by private clubs whose central goal is to win political power.
For them, marriage is the paramount goal and the presiding wish.
For many of my students, college was not a goal they spent years preparing for, but a place they landed in.
Occasionally trainers are recommended, but the goal is to teach the owner to teach the dog through consistency and rewards.
In sweet home-canned goods the goal is to make something that jells, lest you bottle syrup.
The goal for flakiness is to achieve firm, cold, flat pieces of fat coated with flour.
My goal is to use photography to do the kind of high-impact journalism readers have come to expect on other pages of this site.
If the economy suffers as a result, it'll be what a soccer fan might call the biggest own goal in history.
But that dual goal encapsulates the building's main problem.
Her goal is to raise money for research into treatments explicitly for migraine.
Maybe taxi fares should be higher, but if the goal is to get more cabbies on the road, then a fare hike alone won't do the trick.
There's great rejoicing by the mob, as if a goal had been scored in a soccer match.
Mason also notes that the book's first goal is to entertain-and that it succeeds on this level entirely.
One goal was to stamp out immorality: get the priests to stop marrying, stop selling ecclesiastical offices, live by their vows.
The goal is for everyone to have enough beer to satisfy demand but not so much that it can't all be sold.
The goal was to maintain a stable mortgage market with reasonable borrowing rates in all regions of the country.
In view of this worthy goal, all personal reservations had to be silent.
But if one must reach for such a goal, the logic goes, then a gradualist and conciliatory policy is the safest option.
One primary goal of my work is to determine what the gorillas will do on their own with the signs they have learned.
But there was another goal-to justify the use of psychoactive drugs.
His goal is to see how zones of growth and organization move as the embryo grows and to probe what is going on biochemically.
The latest fitness fad has an unusual goal: bulking up the three pounds of mush between your ears.
Researchers' next goal is to lengthen the duration of the sonic amplification.
Our goal is to better understand how stars are born, grow old, and die.
The goal is not to find rat vaccines against addictive substances but to find realistic treatments for humans.
The whole goal of therapies in autism is to train autistic children to be aware of the emotions of others.
The goal is a treatment that would render the patient's body completely inhospitable to the bug.
The ultimate goal of this trip is to gather clues about global warming.
Their goal instead is to help people who are already addicted.
The goal shouldn't be to clean the imagery out, she says, but to be aware that it's there.
The team's primary goal at the moment is figuring out what made the treatment work so well.
The goal is to avoid everything coming on at the same time without sacrificing individual performance.
The long-term goal, they say, is to treat patients according to the individual's genetic profile.
The goal is a device simple enough to use in airport and other security screening.
The current work is only a step toward the goal of making cheaper catalysts.
Mimicking such silk and developing ways of producing it industrially has long been a goal of materials scientists.
Pursuing a goal can be a powerful trigger for consumption.
His ultimate goal is to turn fool's gold into real treasure: an inexpensive solar cell.
Their goal: to construct a more detailed and accurate picture of how atomic-scale interactions shape big-world phenomena.
The ultimate goal of brain-computer interfaces is something direct, noninvasive and relatively high bandwidth.
The goal is to encourage the bone to grow into the metal, similar to what happens after joint replacement surgeries.
One research goal, he says, is to reduce errors down to the order of only a few microns.
The implanted lung met the team's goal of exchanging gases for two hours.
The goal is to never be too happy or never be too sad.
So the tarantulas had achieved the only real goal they had.
But maybe in a larger context he didn't understand the goal of the mission.
The skin care seems to have one main goal: anti-aging, the natural and safe way.
His goal was to break into one of each type in a laundry list of countries.
Goal: transforms a vision into a discrete statement of direction.

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