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Except if you knocked the ball over the wall, you were out, and couldn't go over the side to get it.
The arable land is so stiff that it is necessary to go over it nine times with the biggest oxen and the strongest ploughs.
Why he was so called was because he used to go over his opponent even as a wain would go over withered sticks.
Mark got really mad and said he was going to go over the side to warm up.
We go over the entire route, all the gear, how to set up the tents.
Read aloud the directions and go over the provided answer.
True believers and skeptics rarely go over to the other side.
We will satellite-tag sharks for long-term tracking to learn where they go over the coming months.
We go over the script scene by scene and address any questions that come up.
We have learnt the bad things that have come out of doing this, let's not go over it again.
During that period, the hydro power was turned down causing excess water to go over the spillway.
Let's go over the difference between a denier and an actual skeptic.
Even though we're eating out of our garden, we're going to go over budget.
Perhaps you think you don't need to go over this old ground again.
Others can be too brash, of course, and so it helps to go over their materials with them.
Go over it again, making sure that even though it's prepared, it does not sound canned.
Don't go over the copy editor's head without first asking him to explain the editing.
The test prep courses do provide the structure for you to go over basic information, but they also emphasize test-taking strategy.
Make sure the hat can go over your ears, otherwise get ear warmers.
We then meet as a committee, go over the individual rankings, and talk about each candidate.
Students have learned that they can go over your head and cause you grief.
Tell any students who make grade inquiries that they have to set up an appointment to go over the items with you.
Teachers who present witty lectures will obviously go over better with parents.
Really good students will go over the old exams to prepare, but weak students still will not devote time and energy.
He would charge enough to go over his limit, but not enough that it would be flagged and have his purchases rejected.
And he is ready to go over dead bodies to have himself re-elected.
Punishing bankers while trying to help the tax payer is not going to go over well unless both sides are happy.
Choral extravaganzas tend to go over well, and rarities by well-known composers always attract attention.
In fact, they are not entirely sure where a storm is going to go over any given five days.
To understand why the stool is wobbling, let's go over the three legs.
That's going to go over big in my company's refineries and chemical plants.
Volume two is in no way going to go over the same ground.
The population could go over a hundred million in fifteen years.
He seems much too good-humored and sensible to go over that edge.
Let us go over the points one by one and see whether your charge can be sustained.
You'll be given a oversized blue coat that's designed to go over whatever coat you're wearing.
Travelers should always be prepared for emergencies, but you don't need to go over-the-top with your first-aid kit.
Users on a metered plan can also cap their own usage internally so that they don't go over budget.
Additional data charges apply if customers go over those limits.
But let me go over the different ways you could represent a vector.
Go over, register and see if you can't find a book to read to your children tonight.
So go over there and get the rest of this interesting story.
So go over there, read the article, and leave your own complaints in the comments.
His sites often resemble a crime scene, with biologists and chemists brought in to go over the evidence for organic clues.
Yes sometimes it is easy to get carried away and go over a beginner's head.
If you are looking in your fridge for the ketchup bottle, you go over and over and can't find it.
When they go over the corporation's books, they understand practically none of it.
He turned to the grease board to go over strategy one more time, but then he stopped.
The teacher's words didn't go over well with the flock.
For centuries the mountain had blocked the way for travelers who had to decide if they wanted to go over it or around it.
Set up specific times for calls and to go over their plans and where they will be, if there are variances.
Please take a few minutes to go over this safety information and share it with family members.
Then if you are going to call and get your test results, they go over the phone conversation with you.
Also below are links to training modules that go over specific sections of the system.
Sit down with family members and go over emergency evacuation routes.
Make a checklist of preparations to be made before an evacuation and go over it with your family.
Go over how easy it is to go over capacity when you add tools or materials.
When plastic bottles are processed they go over a series of conveyor belts.
Offer to go over credit card statements to ensure that only authorized purchases are listed.
If he were to go over cost, he would pay out of his own pocket.
It even gives a cheerful nudge every time you go over budget on something.
Go over your resources, and pay attention to details.
Go over the books again to make sure your ideas are grounded in reality.

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