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Don't let the screw tips go through to the outside of the apron.
Scientists must go through a huge check-list of reasons why they must use a living animal and not a proxy to do their research.
Not only did these dogs go through so much but also saved so many lives.
They go through a dehydration process and then a metal coating process.
It makes me chuckle to think of what we've have to go through to replicate court tennis at our end of the world.
Go through the tourist information office to get the best price.
When they get there, they go through tons of trials and tribulations trying to figure out how make their dreams come true.
Still, there is no need to actually go through tenure denial to the bitter end, if you are afforded the opportunity to withdraw.
We were working together to go through the course material and learn.
The department normally must go through a process of public comment before spending federal money on such a survey.
Those are the things that go through the heads of other reviewers, too, including the people reviewing your own proposals.
They don't want to go through the process of contextualizing your content in a teaching framework, so you don't make them.
All day he had been trying to make up his mind to go through with the adventure and now he was acting.
No student, no matter how much money he may be able to command, is permitted to go through school without doing manual labour.
Having received her sentence from the court, she had a further trial to go through in the church.
Either do not attempt at all, or go through with it.
Thus also in the other senses, which it were long to go through.
As you go through the game, the narratives sort themselves chronologically.
The shuttles themselves will go through a lengthy clean-up process before they're ready for their public debuts.
The printed veins are about to start testing in animal trials, and eventually go through human clinical trials.
As they go through the sites, have them answer the questions below.
If you work in an office, it's likely that you go through a lot of paper products every year.
Some songbirds also go through speech phases that resemble babbling.
When you go through a metal detector at the airport with a conductor such as keys in your pocket, the alarm goes off.
As they go through the sites, they should answer the questions below.
Help students go through this process to find the main page that lists the maps for the state they're looking for.
Have them take notes on the topics listed below as they go through the sites.
Ask them to go through this feature and solve the mystery.
The fibers get a little shorter each time they go through that process.
Go through the five steps of the interview process as if you were both the interviewer and the interviewee.
If you were diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease and given those odds, you wouldn't hesitate to go through treatment.
But that stinks for readers who now have to go through a few extra taps to buy new reads.
In practice, however, the orders will probably go through without challenge.
Even if you have a few layers of authorization to go through, a determined employee may be able to sneak by.
In order to get to check in, everyone has to go through a first layer of security, including checked bags.
So she left that tree, and had to go through a barbed-wire fence.
He has the power to make sure you're locked up, but you have to go through due process.
Decent artists go through bad times but eventually they do get recognized.
Sports teams often go through sharp swings in popularity.
Let's go through each of these lines briefly, because each tells a story.
Police have to go through the flag-wielding veterans.
If reunification happens, all the people who have been left behind will have to go through the same shock.
Occasional openings for detente are usually missed because both sides mistrust the other too much to go through with it.
Let's go through the extant familiar forms of political dissent more rigorously.
So they go through the motions until they can retire with the total package.
We have to work with our own traditions and try to go through our own particular kind of struggle to improve.
Go through the tomatoes and cut off the tops so there are no stems remaining.
Each year a million children go through divorce or separation and almost as many more are born out of wedlock.
If you go through an orifice as opposed to an incision in the skin, the patient will have no scars.
Many utilities had to go bankrupt or go through painful reorganization.
But the deeper layers of skin, called the dermis, do not go through this cellular turnover and so do not replace themselves.
Lack of space doesn't permit us to go through everything.
Most people go through life not having enough money, this is the only truth.
Refused to go through it because there was no guarantee that it would not interfere with an internal cardiac device.
The more people that find this out, the less energy and materials need to go through our consumer economy.
The world does go through several major cycles and each has an effect on the climate.
They go through various stages of testing, from cell cultures, to animal testing and eventually human trials.
But existing rail lines do go through these areas, and so could high-speed lines.
Space itself could even go through phase changes, depending on its local environment.
He does not want her to go through his loss of control over his own life.
Work to model the brain will need to go through a similar evolution.
They are telling the guy to go through security again because he beeped.
If a student is going to borrow, it is generally better to go through the government.
Builders have to scope out new land, go through design and permitting procedures, and then build.
The merger is subject to statutory and regulatory approvals and will take some four months to go through.
Once the bill in question has thudded on to his desk, he has five days to go through it with the red pen, striking out pork.
And more than a tenth have decided to apply to go through them.
But, if you are making a single item order, you don't want to go through that effort.
Strawberries are delicate and go through different shades of red while they ripen on the vine.
She asked them to go through this process three times, with a week's gap between fasts.
Many go through legal channels, applying for refugee status and then asylum.
Many of us go through life with an array of undone tasks, large and small, nibbling at our conscience.
Even the biggest nosey body in the world couldn't go through that much stuff.
It's a foot thick, too thick she thinks for a car to go through.
But you still have to go through the kitchen and the secret door.
Hayden had a standard set of questions for situations such as this, and he proceeded to go through them.
We have to go through the fact that trade is balanced.
Translation is an act that must go through the critical process and beyond it, since it must reach decision.
We go through life dressing up in new clothes and covering our true motives.
They would actively campaign for rejection but let the referendum go through and, however reluctantly, acquiesce in its results.
Individual atoms and molecules go through both slits at once.
Normally, chicken-keepers don't sweat it when their hens go through short egg-laying dry-spells.
Let's go through planning via memory and communication, and compare these to the perceptual route.
The drug must now go through another round of clinical trials.
Federally-funded scientists must go through a complex deliberative process in order to justify research involving animals.
Well this is going to be interesting, at any rate, so let's go through what he has to say.
If you want to treat patients, in upper level care, you should go through medical school.
When you really really want something to go through, you give enough different reasons to get a wide base to go along with it.
But as they go through the statistics that they claim are behind each of these links, a thick cloud of question marks descends.
First, there are literally hundreds of images to go through.
Typically a storage system is only going to go through one or two charge discharge cycles per day.
If everyone's e-mail had to go through a central server, there would undoubtedly be delays.
Whatever the starting conditions, a computer can go through through millions of iterations to see how traits spread.
Disk packs and tapes were the only things that could hold the data, and it took a long time to go through it.
Internal combustion must go through many moving parts to effectively turn the wheels of your car.
And you've got to learn how to navigate the car's system and go through the process of pairing your devices.
The games that do make it over often go through a cryptic localization process that.
He asked us to help him go through some of the portfolios.
What many of the characters go through in the film has nothing to do with the authorship question.
We'd sit down with her and go through our little tapes.
Because lockstep is no way to go through life, and we've been under marching orders long enough.
It must be heavy in a way that people who don't go through it can't see.
It would have been kind of heavy going to have these two idealists go through this idealistic period without some surprises.
Don't be surprised if you're asked to whip out your cell phone and make a call next time you go through airport security.
We had to go through this thing with a fine-toothed comb.
These items will go through the security screening process.
Dying without a will does not mean that an estate must always go through probate.
New arrivals will go through an orientation program for approximately four weeks.
Emergency phone calls must go through the offender's facility location.
Please be on time as the group will go through a gate that gets locked.
Selected candidates must go through a full background investigation in order to obtain a clearance.

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