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Example sentences for gnawing

They seem to be gnawing holes through the walls and sneaking in under our secondary coop.
The police here work in the face of a gnawing contradiction.
It's gross watching anyone gnawing at great lumps of uncut meat.
On stubby legs they crawl over one another, gnawing on any protruding ear, limb or nose.
The teeth would be more suitable for gnawing than for slicing or cutting.
No, not the moist, lemony towelette you use to degrease your fingers after gnawing on hot wings.
The gnawing ache sent him to the mirror to look for a possible source.
They bob up and down, their ivory tusks gnawing frigid water.
But others point to uncertainties gnawing at businesses and households as portents of subdued growth.
Rodents are gnawing mammals characterized by constantly growing incisors adapted for gnawing or nibbling.
When squirrels enter homes, they can become destructive because of gnawing habits and collections of nest materials.
Exterior siding and wiring sometimes is damaged by their gnawing.
Cottontail teeth are adapted for ripping and gnawing on plants.
These numerous small pits were made by termites gnawing on this dinosaur bone before fossilization.
Roof rats are known to be destructive, gnawing through wiring and destroying citrus.
Roof rats can carry disease and are known to be destructive, gnawing through wiring and destroying citrus.
They can hear the underground digging, gnawing, and rustling of small mammals.

Famous quotes containing the word gnawing

Wheeled swiftly, wings emerge from larval-silver hangars. Taut motors surge, space-gnawing, into flight;... more
Lips that sealed up the sense from gnawing time Now beg the favor with a graveyard grin.... more
Why were we driven out of Paradise? Why did we fall into this gnawing disease of unappeasable dissatisfacti... more
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