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Example sentences for gnarly

Below you will see the struggle it takes for an entire team of fishermen to catch this gnarly beast.
It's a palace of thrash, with as many gnarly facets as the best skate parks.
Near the mouth of the river is a sandy spit with low buildings decorated with oyster shells and gnarly driftwood.
And even the burliest sport coats can't defend against gnarly torrents of snow, sleet or bitter cold.
With gnarly computations one has to go through the whole messy detail step by step.
Simulating an economy is almost certainly a gnarly computation.
And sometimes cooking leaches out overly strong or gnarly flavors.
The demon ended up being an ancient sculpture of a gnarly monster, buried along with other stone sculptures.
Bark on smaller branches develops corky wings, or ridges, giving it a gnarly appearance.
On a knotty, gnarly block of wood you'll need to start your split from the outside edges and slab off the sides.
Whitewater fiends find a worthy challenge in the gnarly little streams that become torrents with spring rains.

Famous quotes containing the word gnarly

Almost all wild apples are handsome. They cannot be too gnarly and crabbed and rusty to look at. The gnarli... more
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