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But in a certain context, the gnarled roots of an exposed stump can impress too.
During those flips, the Sun's deep magnetic field gets really gnarled.
The wind of the north has twisted and gnarled its branches.
His toenail had only just started growing back in and it was so ugly and gnarled looking.
Others resemble small trees, gnarled and twisted by the battering winds and fierce salt spray.
It is an ugly, gnarled ball with a nobbly skin.
There was new snow on the gnarled pines and more flakes falling.
As the vines age the trunk becomes thick, woody and gnarled.
Another is a dark curlicue as gnarled as a ram's horn.
The gnarled thorn seems a crooked hag.
One runs from tree to tree over the frosted ground picking the gnarled, twisted apples and filling his pockets with them.
His fingers, gnarled by arthritis, would hold the dodging wand.
He holds the flashlight in his armpit while his gnarled hands work through the keys of a hundred solemn locks in this huge church.
Dense bunches of pollen grains cling to each other in gnarled clumps.
He pointed at the gnarled stumps of tamarind trees ringing the clearing.
Visitors comb the sands for gnarled bits of driftwood and abalone shells, check out the tide pools and hike the wooded areas.
As for company, he stood to gain more from garrulous oldsters with gnarled hands and long memories than from effete littérateurs.
Shelves stacked with pinched and gnarled coffee cups, pulled from a local kiln.
Deep in the firs is an orchard, where once a house stood, and they creep towards the gnarled and ancient trees.
Sitting around the kitchen table were five fellow residents, knuckles gnarled with arthritis, some trembling with palsy.
The offending weapon was a sharp tool used to remove calluses from the gnarled feet of tennis players.
The eagle flares his wings and lands upon a gnarled limb.
Gnarled and slanted stands of pine and cypress form natural windbreaks along fog-shrouded headlands.
Squat, gnarled trees may survive winter after harsh winter.
He looks to a crucifix growing out of a gnarled and lifeless tree.
Its stiff gnarled branches and stout, frequently crooked, branchlets with corky wings along them are distinctive.
Trees or shrubs with thick, gnarled, lichen covered stems are found in the later successional stages as well.
Spotted knapweed plants parasitized by the flower weevil typically have few leaves and are often gnarled and twisted in habit.
The branches and upper limbs are often twisted and gnarled.
Take another moment to examine the gnarled bark of an oak, or the delicate petals of a wildflower.
The tree is easily identified by its deeply lobed leaves and stiff gnarled limbs.
The trees and shrubs that do occur are usually gnarled and stunted.
Near the top of the mountain are many of the curious gnarled, stunted, and wind-twisted trees usually found near timber line.
The staircases from the lobby to the upper stories have gnarled log newel posts and jig-sawn railings.

Famous quotes containing the word gnarled

Love is a naked shadow On a gnarled and naked tree.... more
You will have to polish up the stars with Bab-o and find a new God as the earth empties out into the gnarledmore
this winter's revolt of the unbellied trees one reason being they're all gnarled knees... more
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